Direct conversion of thermal energy (heat) to electricity.

In collaboration with Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne), we have developed a proof-of-concept (TRL 5, as defined by DOE/NASA), electronic, wafer fabricated device for cheap, efficient direct conversion of thermal energy (heat) to electricity.

There are too many fossil fuel cars on the roads and streets in the world, causing pollution, congestions and accidents. But the existing public transit vehicles and services are not efficient and attractive enough to make most car users change their behaviour and use buses,

Cornell Dubilier PPC Series 1mm-Thin Polymer Aluminum Electrolytics

Provides High Ripple Current and Capacitance
Thinner than a dime, available in custom values and shapes.

The new PPC Series of ultra-thin polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitors from Cornell Dubilier represents a totally new capacitor form factor.

Conceptual design for a theoretical hydraulic circuit pressure relief or pressure control valve which requires little effort or force to open, even when containing or controlling very high pressures.

The growing concern over climate change created a need to shift towards less polluting forms of energy. Renewable energy, derived from Earth’s natural resources, is crucial to achieving this goal. However, many variables affect the rate and efficiency of energy generation and consume land resources. For instance,

The invention disclosed here is perhaps the most significant innovation in loudspeaker design since the invention of the acoustic suspension speaker in 1954.

Getting good clean bass from a reasonably sized speaker enclosure is not easy.

A parabolic obstructor in funnel throttle valve for use in internal combustion engines for regulating the inflow of air or fuel-air mixture into the engine or individual combustion chambers inside the engine.

A medical safety device connected between a medical patient and medical equipment. The device can include an outer shell with an exterior sidewall and interior sidewall defining an open interior. The outer shell can include a door that can be opened to allow access to the interior shell.

Mechanical linkage which allows for a limited degree of relative vertical motion between its endpoints while not allowing them any relative motion at all in one horizontal direction and hardly any in the other horizontal direction.

The solution differs from a basic, swivelling or rotating,

It only dawns on people, the necessity of life, when someone else is in danger. As seen on numerous occasions, human life is lost due to the incompetence of another living being not to reach the specific accident location on time. When it comes to speed,

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