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The Central Problem: It is the deficiency of an important input such as organic fertilizer (agroecological) for the sector: agricultural, food supplements for the sector: livestock and livestock, coupled with this the sector: fish farming.

The Causes: The lack of natural and legal guarantees led to a gradual decrease in investment in the national and international productive sector, in addition to this the breakdown and non-compliance with legal frameworks, including municipal, regional and national ordinances, considering our line of Entrepreneurship can be said for sure that the lack of environmental education for the management of garbage (solid waste in this case dry leaves) cause a problem for society ...

As coastal cities and communities continue to grow, the demand for physical, earth-fast real estate has increased. In many areas, the ability to meet the demand is strained due to consistent flooding. The creation of new, buildable land can also lead to the infilling of coastal wetlands and habitat destruction. Moreover, the demand for where parking is needed may change for emergencies, certain seasons, and special events.

The Floating Parking Barge for Vehicles provides increased parking capacity for a particular area, and can be moved under its own power or by tugboat. More importantly, the invention will also be utilized in various emergency applications, where land-based parking is unavailable or unfeasible. This is especially true when delivering aid after ...

Since 2018 the number of electrically powered aircraft in design has doubled to about 200, hence the name, “201.” Airbus, Boeing, Joby Aviation, Uber and others, with more than 1 billion usd in investments are designing, developing and testing the electric air vehicles of the future. In 20 years the value of eVTOL by manufacturers, operators and infrastructure providers is expected to reach 318 billion usd.

The “201” is a single person urban aerial mobility commuter vehicle (UAM) designed to alleviate traffic congestion on our freeways. It combines active flight control surfaces, uneven blown (channel) wing technology, the Bernoulli Principle, the Coanda effect, and vectored thrust with standard airfoil aerodynamics in a novel manner to achieve safe, efficient, quiet ...

Video Helper System has several use options, namely:

During the movement of the autocamper, the high design of its van disrupts the visibility of the situation in front of it, for this, the function of a “transparent” car becomes possible by using the front camera mounted on it, i.e. a vehicle in motion from behind will see the road situation in front of the car camper on the van screen, thus determining the possibility of a safe maneuver. This function can be enabled not only during a day, but also at night by the means of the camera's infrared illumination.

When autocamper stops at a traffic light or railway-crossing, as well as at a temporary parking lot, it is ...

Due to the importance of individual health in preventing the transmission of infectious diseases to the individual, due to the increasing population of communities and the presence of humans in public places, the use of gloves has become very important, but the use of conventional plastic gloves because It's hard to put on and take off, and we have to get help from others to take off our gloves, which can contaminate the skin of our hands. Also, these gloves are like a piece of cloth, and the skin of the human hand needs perspiration and breathing after a while. The shortening of the skin surface becomes moist, which is a very favorable environment for the particles to stick ...

The IFR student training aid will provide an instrument flying training aid for the instruction of student pilots.

When in use it obscures the view outside of the cockpit while allowing the student to still see the interior and all of the aircraft flight instruments and controls. It is quickly and easily removeable thus restoring full view.

It is composed of two items. A wearable flip up/down polarizing lens set and a polarizing film applique for the windscreen interior.


To provide an instrument flying training aid for the instruction of student pilots

This instrument flying training aid is composed of two components:

a. A polarized film applique that is applied to the inside of the windscreen of the ...


With our developing nations and ever-growing technologies, the crime rates are also increasing with every blink of an eye. Some of the most heinous crimes amongst them are human trafficking and rape. Many nations are still being used widely by the traffickers as a receiving, sending, and transit country where women and girls are the main victims of human trafficking and rape.

These heinous crimes are all-pervading and are considered as a complex problem in any society. As a counter for these heinous crimes, presenting a proposal of a method and device which uses various cutting edge modern technologies like AI, Deep Learning, etc along with some wireless embedded hardware interventions and IoT networks that will be able ...

PID control system of a light meter that measures and regulates the lighting of a lamp.

Today, photodiode is used to measure the light and it´s combined with a mathematical algorithm to reduce the error ... if we use the PID control to measure the light, then we can make infinitesimal measurements of light and this leads us to measure and see unimaginable things on the universe

Among other things, I'm proposing the invention of a sensor that doesn´t exist yet, and is similar to the one I have used (LDR), and can revolutionize many things.

APPLICATIONS: Photography, Astronomy, Architecture, and Cataract Surgery.

a) The LDR sensor delivers an analog voltage ...

As COVID-19 has shown, challenge and crisis cross borders – impacting everywhere on Earth. However, innovation and ingenuity are also not constrained by geography. Detection of COVID-19 is an opportunity to find and apply the best and brightest of humanity. We're going to improve our design replicable, low-cost tool and resource to aid viral detection of the COVID-19. Computer vision as Deep Learning with OpenCV is used here, and can serve as a backup to the work done in the laboratory.

What're the goals of this project? 1) Detecting COVID-19 in X-ray with OpenCV; and 2) Detecting COVID-19 Virus Cells with OpenCV.

What hardware we have used? 64-bit Windows 10 PC, Raspberry Pi 3B+, and Jetson Nano.

First, we ...

The transportation sector accounts for about 30% of total United States energy needs and 70% of petroleum consumption. The average U.S. household spends nearly one-fifth of its total family expenditures on transportation, making it the most expensive spending category after housing. Global OEM’s produced approximately 100 million motor vehicles in 2019. Today, less than 3 % of all vehicles manufactured are electric battery powered. In other words, there is plenty of room and need for an improved internal combustion engine. GlideValve Engine Technology is the answer.

Industry experts say the best solution for the future of the four stroke internal combustion engine will be to have a fully flexible computer-aided engine control unit, which could vary lift and duration ...

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