MoonTrap system saves up to 95% on transportation costs when delivering raw materials to space for 3D printers, as well as rocket fuel. Currently, the delivery of raw materials for 3D space printers costs as much as the delivery of finished products.

In developing countries and under developed countries desert air coolers are used. Most people are cannot afford water cooling systems. The main goal of this project is to infuse water cooling system with desert air cooler,

Rocket launch to space is expensive – typically thousands of dollars per pound. But now there is an alternative.

Our product, the Smart Adaptive e-bike, will be a modern way of transport for daily commutes. It is under design and initial stage of simulation & prototyping.

Urban Telecom Node

A rising and sustained use of telecommunications, both commercial and personal, has been beneficial yet demanding on financial resources on providers and consumers alike. Energy consumption for 24/7 transmission is a nominal part of this circumstance.

The specialized aircraft engine software development for the aerospace industry is high demand. With the information that I knew, the common purposes for developing computational model include proof of engine cycle concept, testing of operability,

I propose developing a miniature electronic device that measures temperature, chest (lung and heart) movements, and oxygen saturation. This device would be placed on the chest of the monitored person.

The monitor is to be equipped with motion sensors (3D accelerometer, 3D gyroscope and 3D magnetometer,

It was shown by medical researchers that harmful biological matters such as infected blood with HIV/Aids virus can be treated or reduced or disinfected by exposing the matters to high voltage electrical fields.

Smart Personalized IoT based Contact less Rapid Health Diagnostics Pods with App Based Reservation with Virtual Monitoring by Health Care Professionals for Pandemic Control. The power demand is met by solar powered batteries.

KLOP is designed to tackle COVID-19 imaging as well as other micro infectious disease. Our software prototype provides three (3) major services which are imaging, diagnosis and Diagnosis Result Interpretation which is indicated as percentage confidence feature.

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