In Bangladesh alone, around 40 million people today still live without any kind of access to energy. - ourworldindata.org
Of these, over 10 million live in extreme poverty. - worldpoverty.io

Children in particular suffer with the inability to study with decent light at night.

This is a description of a Ventilator using common parts with the objective of the part costs being under $200 retail/wholesale. Each Hospital room normally has an oxygen supply with pressure and flow regulation. This entry uses the available oxygen system and 120VAC power supply in the room.

Artificial Intelligence is at the forefront of every area today, from Space/Defense to Medical, Transportation and Marketing. Data centers are huge using vast amounts of energy. And the results are problematic and can be easily fooled by a 5th grader. True AI requires vastly more data and less latency,

Have you ever experienced a part of you private data lost or erased? What sort of private storage you have for the data? How many cloud services all your family members may have and take charges?

Conventional reciprocating engines

The trouble with this type of engine, whether it be petrol, diesel, or coal generated steam, is the constantly changing direction of the piston. This means that momentum is always being lost which results in a low efficiency.

The name exo derives from exotic plasma is an exotic material, it is a gaseous state thermally agitated by electromagnetic induction and ions. Once converted to plasma we compress and accelerate it. Connected in series with a jet engine or turbofan,

This idea describes a system for someone to shop for clothing from home while getting as close to an in-store experience as possible.

The Trunk Fence puts a stop to runaway groceries and other objects in the back of your vehicle. The Trunk Fence is designed to eliminate the movement of almost anything when you go around corners or stop suddenly.

The present invention relates to Supplementary Seat for Public Transport with Retractable Hanging Support that provides additional sitting arrangement in available space for public transport such as buses and trains; without blocking the passengers to walk in and out of said public transport;

The odors that come from using the toilet can be very disconcerting and often it permeates well beyond the bathroom. With multiple people using a bathroom the last thing one wants to do is enter after a big stink is made in such a small room.

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