Avalanche photodiodes (APD's) offer increased sensitivity over photodiodes. Applications such as Lidar and fiber optic communications experience significant performance improvements by taking advantage of the higher sensitivity afforded by APD's.

However, APD's require a high voltage bias of ~50V to 600V or higher.

As per title the power to run the sensor can be generate using Biomass and Bacterial colony.

There are several species of bacteria that can produce Bio-gas to generate power for sensors.

To produce biogas or power,

Catastrophic failure concerns of Li-ion batteries including excessive heating, fires and explosions create anxiety in battery consumer markets, especially as larger and more powerful Li-ion battery architecture hits the marketplace.

The main cause of failure is the internal short-circuit,

In this work, we explore the implementations of the buck converter and the boost converter, using Back-End-of-Line (BEOL) Nano-electromechanical (NEM) relays, for on-chip voltage conversions.

Our study exploits the design approach for relay-based DC-DC converters using an inductorless,

How do blind person read? Currently, there are two major options or category for a blind person to read books. The first one is using Braille imprinted on paper.

Why Did We Build This?
"Prevention is better than cure" is one of the effective measures to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 and to protect mankind. Many researchers and doctors are working on medication and vaccination for corona virus. To avoid getting infected or spreading it,

There have been many great helmet designs for NFL players specifically to minimize the force of impact exerted by or on the players to prevent the players developing concussions. But what happens when player has an impact more than the helmet can protect?

All prior measurement of electric fields and electric potentials measurement systems are plagued by the use of physical measurement systems that distort or modify the electric fields that they are designed to measure. Therefore, there is limited use of electric fields as an inspection, diagnostic and process control tool.

Fantasy Iris is an electronic iris color changing film that allows users to change the iris style according to different occasions; and provides Ring Code (ring matrix graphic code) to provide users with more secure iris encryption identification.

Based on an operational prototype system (Intelipod™) developed internally by Venti LLC, this SBIR effort will deliver a quantum improvement in fire fighter safety. This project represents a major advance in the tools available to first responders/fire fighters to access and safely respond to unknown emergencies,

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