One of the main problems faced by alcohol industry is product dilution or alteration. Product dilution or alteration means a situation when people drink a bad alcohol drink that has been altered or diluted with different solutions after the alcohol drink has left the licensed legitimate manufacturer’s production line.

rAider (Refrigeration Artificial Intelligence DEmand Response) is a palm-sized IoT/controls package that uses big data and artificial intelligence with sensors to optimally control commercial refrigeration for food stores and the power grid. First, our IoT device collects refrigeration and environmental data from stores using sensors.

Railway hawkers are people who carry snacks on trains. They carry the snacks in trays which they hold in hands. Being heavy it’s most likely that their hands will ache at some point in time and it's not even comfortable to carry the tray in a crowded train.


Wireless IoT devices are notoriously easy to hack. Often an attacker goes unnoticed as they assume the identity of an edge device and use it to connect with the network. Once in a network, the hacker may cause a great deal of damage or steal important information.

This prototype can help in achieving the long awaited dream of a self powered hydroponic farm. We all are aware of the fact that a hydroponic system requires high energy consumption which led to meagre growth in this sector and lost prime focus from corporate and govt agencies.

Our project title is smart baby belt. As mentioned in the name it will be useful to babies. In our belt we have sensors to detect moisture in the diaper, to detect the location of the belt, to detect the temperature of the baby who is wearing it.

In the present day scenario, many times we see that the garbage bins or dust bin placed at public places in the cities are overflowing due to increase in the waste every day.

Flux Rose (unit) is a connected light fitting that controls the room light via a Wi-Fi connection to the local wireless router. The app in turn connects to the Flux Rose devices via the router and is installed on a phone, tablet or PC.

Let’s sit down for a minute and give this thing a thought!

How many liters of water are you consuming in a day? Is it enough to help your body cope up with the blazing heat the sun has been nourishing yet killing us with?

In the recent time of the global pandemic, it was observed that the world is incapable of handling pandemic situations like COVID-19. The primary factor which leads to a catastrophic level pandemic is overpopulation (also dense population) & contemporary lifestyle of humanity.

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