Modular Presence Indicators [MPIs] are portable devices comprised of three parts that work in tandem as presence detectors. The devices are based in whispering gallery mode excitation where tunable light sources, detectors, and optical cavities are used as highly sensitive components. The three parts include disposable test cartridges [DTCs],

Artificial Intelligence is at the forefront of every area today, from Space/Defense to Medical, Transportation and Marketing. Data centers are huge using vast amounts of energy. And the results are problematic and can be easily fooled by a 5th grader. True AI requires vastly more data and less latency,

Wheatstone bridge and capacitance are among the most popular pressure sensing principals used in pressure sensors. Wheatstone bridge comprises resistor network formed as thin film strain gauge on metal diaphragm or as piezo resistive element on silicon diaphragm,

In support of Wireless Access Points and Wireless Networks I propose utilizing the T-Bar grid as zone antennae. A designed T-Bar element that is connected to the Access point to provide coverage.

I want to tell you today about a new notebook prototype. Imagine the most expensive notebook in the world in the latest model. How do you imagine its appearance? Is the body made of gold, the microprocessor is the most powerful, the RAM is too big? No.


There are so many virus families in this world. Coronavirus and flu virus are among some of them. Peter Forster of Cambridge University proposed three types of new coronaviruses based on the genomic sequencing of the DNA. Type A existed in North America and is the oldest version.

Concentrated heat loads i.e., very high heat fluxes from electronic components present significant thermal management challenges in defense, space, and commercial applications. Such high heat fluxes increase the temperature of components beyond permissible operational limits.

PID control system of a light meter that measures and regulates the lighting of a lamp.

Today, photodiode is used to measure the light and it´s combined with a mathematical algorithm to reduce the error ... if we use the PID control to measure the light,

All countries are facing the coronavirus pandemic. This disease is highly contagious. Best way to avoid it is to keep social distancing. But maintaining the distance is difficult in crowded places. No one follows the markings.

PrintIC is a unique technology for the realization of integrated circuits and system made only with carbon-based materials and employing only standard printing techniques (e.g. ink-jet, flexo, screen,...) that has been developed by FLEEP Technologies S.r.l., spin-off of the Italian Institute of Technology,

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