Have you ever seen a wireless signal? Me neither, but Endpoint Security technology sees a naturally occurring fingerprint in every signal. These fingerprints can be seen by us when plotted on the surface of a sphere.

The SafRSEATS Seat Belt Restraint System was conceived with the goal of retrofitting mass transit vehicles, especially school buses and tour buses, with a secure and cost-effective seat belt restraint system to increase passenger safety,

In this fan prototype small magnets with strong flux are placed in a circular pattern by a support. The copper coils are wound on every fin of the fan.

Sanitary Single-Handle Water Faucet

A single-handle water faucet comprises a hollow base which mounts on the top-back portion of a sink, a valve assembly, a handle for controlling the flow rate of water and the temperature mix of water,

There was a long felt need to provide a simple and economic trolley unit, for the roadside garage mechanic which is unequivocally efficient for lifting a motorcycle with ease and comfort for its servicing and maintenance. The present embodiment herein provides a trolley unit,

in this contemporary era, now nearly 18% of electricity is generated by NPP. This distribution is probably similar for continental Europe and Russia, though UK nuclear power plants use only once-through cooling by seawater, as do all Swedish, Finnish, Canadian (Great Lakes water), South African, Japanese,

Wireless power based on the Qi standard has established itself as the preferred technology for charging mobile devices in cars, homes, and common spaces worldwide. A broad ecosystem of thousands of interoperable devices has been built over the years,

FineHeart has recently developed a device called the ICOMS FLOWMAKER. The Implantable Cardiac Output Management System (ICOMS) is an innovative hybrid between a pacemaker and a cardiac assist device. The technology was derived on a similar premise of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT), improving the heart’s rhythm,

The general purpose of the paintbrush grip is to improve the manner in which a paintbrush is held and used. When used on a paintbrush, it allows for optimal alignment of the joints of the fingers,

A roadway made out of a hard material that is connected in squares. If a repair is needed, you replace the squares instead of the entire roadway. They can be heated through geo thermal so roadway never freezes. No more salt or chemicals.

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