Parcel transportation system (PTS):
For parcel transport, a small networked system denominated PTS Parcel transportation system will allow instant parcel transportation between different areas of a city or territory.

PTS is an independent system to move small packages or parcels,

Right now, I'm currented working on a desktop model of my Photographic APRO ( Artificial Parallel Reality Orb).

As the name states, it is photographic in nature, but is also the low-tech counterpart to my high-tech ideas in the geometry of invisibility and holodecks,


A germicidal lamp system using ultraviolet light produced from more than one xenon lamp under high gas pressure and operating at a high voltage where the lamps are flashing at an interleaving mode to preserve lamp life and to reduce the exposure time while still achieving a high

This work is devoted to the problem of diagnosing the suspension of vehicles. The problem of monitoring the condition of the suspension is now the most urgent due to the constant growth of the vehicle fleet and the tightening of requirements for safe operation.

This technology is a new rare earth element (REE) recovery process using a room temperature ionic liquid solution. Current technologies for producing REEs require high temperatures and produce an abundance of toxic fluoride salt waste. These limitations create a need for an environmentally friendly,

This process is an electrochemical process that effectively leaches cobalt and other valuable constituents from Li-ion battery electrodes. A reductant is used to solubilize the metal species in a dilute acid solution. Typical recycling process reactions usually require elevated temperatures and multiple hours for completion.

A proven technology developed in Spain, and we plan to make a technology transfer to the US for the conversion of cellulosic biomass directly, in a one-step process and a matter of seconds and highly energy-efficient into renewable,

Whether it’s electrical energy from the grid, wind, photovoltaic or hydro, the only way to guarantee energy delivery when it's needed is Storage. Thermal energy is the most useful form of energy. When stored in its pure ‘thermal’ form, especially as heat,

Research we conducted in the city identified that most petrol and diesel based vehicles are used for shorter distance travel. Automobiles running on petrol and diesel vehicles contribute more than 70% of the world's overall pollution.

Magnets have a north and a south pole. A single phase has an up and a down voltage from its center of zero. Now, by moving a magnet across a coil of wire both an up and a down or a single phase can be obtained.


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