Vision X is a voice-based smart glass for people with complete blindness. The glass uses a set of high-definition cameras for image processing and a LIDAR sensor for distance measurement. It uses a custom Soc processor optimized for faster image detection.

Long String Authentication (LSA)

For IoT devices and sensors, no existing authentication can provide security in the context of their use requirements and their resource limitations.

Fixed passwords are inadequate. Managing numerous communications devices/systems with different and changing passwords is complex and costly.

The application of additive manufacturing has allowed a research team at The University of Bath (UK) to significantly improve the achievable performance of SiC and other wide band gap semiconductor devices, allowing an increase in inverter performance that will improve the efficiency,

This design is focused on providing a very different approach in the usage of a compass with conventional tools. The concept of draughtsman vernier compass with scale. It consists of pin pointed end, graduated scale, slider.

A wheelchair as 'a gadget giving wheeled portability and seating support to an individual with trouble strolling or moving about.' In this way, the motivation behind a wheelchair is to work close to home portability.

Our goal is to reduce RSI and to automate tasks in industries that haven’t used robotic arms yet due to high costs. We accomplish this by using gravity compensated robotic arms, allowing us to reduce motor cost, use simpler power electronics and control,

Joystick, a video game controller designed for gamers who entertain us through their streams.

So the important thing which drives me to design this product is "The Ergonomics." We know the Gaming community is the industry that has benefitted the most in these days since the Pandemic.

1. How NOVOLab works?
A low-cost IoT solution to individuals and educational institutions, NOVOLab is a lab-scaled open loop wind tunnel which can be controlled remotely from anywhere in the world to ease study as well as help to curb the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.

​Bulletproof vests are very important and I hope you don’t have to use them in your lifetime because using them means you are being shot at.

This conceptual design is one of the futuristic designs in my thoughts.

My design is for an E- VTOL ( ELECTRIC- VERTICAL TAKE OFF LANDING) Vehicle, which can operate in small areas, without using a runway. Takeoff and landing is done at the same place using turbopropellers,

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