Transparent imaging stack integrated into a camera offers new 3D sensing solutions in the Internet of things (IoT) technologies. The camera simultaneously captures multiple images at different focal depths. The images are used to reconstruct 3D object configurations by a neural network algorithm for real-time 3D motion tracking.

Highway and road accidents occur frequently everywhere due to a number of different reasons. But the most common reason is overtaking with high speeds. Many times very heavy trucks, trailers, containers, Volvo buses move with steady speed.

Hearo is worlds only Internet Of Sound system. With Hearo any object in your home can be a digital controller. It works like this:

The sound of hitting my tea cup with a spoon make Spotify skip to next song in my playlist.

A typical electric bike ranging 60KM per full charge will take more than 3 hours to charge and limited availability of public space makes it difficult to install charging stations. In this model, a powertrain is proposed for an electric bike which has its own power generation system.

The confidential screen protector is a simple project based on an IR sensor and ESP8266. It automatically shuts down the present working screen as soon as someone comes into the radar of the IR sensor.

Such a confidential screen keeper is quite useful when working on confidential stuff.

The Land Aquatic Park environs is to utilize flora found locally to render contaminants neutral and less harmful state as a biological machine.

Shipping transport changed to containers some decades ago but that created another transport bottleneck, the port crane, that can usually move about 200 containers per hour. Our 1000 containers per hour port crane system uses around 200 x,y,z movement crane modules, battery or green hydrogen powered, to pickup containers,

Air-Bags-Propulsion-Systems (ABPS) has extended its long stroke ejection technologies (soft mortar) into a versatile soft launching system that can be used to launch missiles with all their aerodynamic surfaces fully deployed, air vehicles such as UAVs and other odd shaped projectiles from boxes and rail systems.

The United States is not ready for the effects of climate change and the future demand for power.

It’s abundantly clear that the power grid in the United States is not ready for the effects of climate change, including the extreme weather events that come with it. After all,

Have you ever seen a wireless signal? Me neither, but Endpoint Security technology sees a naturally occurring fingerprint in every signal. These fingerprints can be seen by us when plotted on the surface of a sphere.

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