Our design idea solves the problem of providing a means to construct a double layered, expandable dynamic spaceframe, which can transform from one freeform to another, whilst remaining rigid and load bearing throughout its transformation.

The Opioid crisis is a major epidemic. Social and economic well-being have flatlined as opioid abuse and overdoses devastate communities and overwhelm public health infrastructure. According to the CDC, almost 136 people die every day in the USA due to an opioid overdose. Starting in the 1990s USA,

The Battelle CardioHub is a small wearable device that automatically reduces stress using neurotechnology instead of pharmaceuticals. Our device monitors subperceptual biosignals from your body, detects physiological stress events, and automatically delivers neurostimulation to activate your body’s natural stress-reducing responses.

The key concept is that your body,

Imagine becoming an expert at activities you have never performed before by simply putting on a pair of glasses. Well, Battelle’s Activity Assistant™ does just that. Using glasses-integrated egocentric computer vision, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence,

Hyprevention develops, manufactures and sells innovative implantable medical devices addressing public health issue: osteoporosis.

2 products to date:

V-STRUT© is indicated for the treatment of vertebral compression fracture due to osteoporosis or tumorous bone lesions in the thoracic or lumbar spine (FDA approved in 2020).


Veloroute H2O is a sustainable public mobility concept that aims to connect the two sides of Kiel city in Germany. Bicycles are a sustainable form of mobility that proved to be one of the safest options during a pandemic; however,

How to help children fall asleep on their own in an educational way?

To design a product that reinterprets the concept of "monitoring" and "night light" for children, encouraging them to fall asleep without the help of their hands.

Global climate change is one of the world's biggest challenges. Rising atmospheric temperatures and increasing ocean levels are largely attributed to greenhouse gas emissions.

Coal is the single largest contributor to anthropogenic climate change. The burning of coal emits 46% of carbon dioxide emissions globally,

This device captures ALL power sources: Solar, fuel, wind, water motion, etc. adapting humanity to ANY energy.

Many MANY pistons in a closed-system provide the TIME to heat and cool the pistons for power generation from heat. Converting to non-heat power sources (wind &

The history of the speculum dates back to the 1840’s when” the godfather of gynecology,” Marion Sims, performed dozens of surgeries, without anesthesia, on enslaved women using a spoon he bent backwards.

As a gynecologist for the past 15 years,

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