Photonect is a photonic interconnect solutions company. The company provides a revolutionary solution for connecting photonic integrated circuits(devices) to optical fibers.

With the advent of AR/VR and video streaming, the need for higher data rates has grown exponentially. To satisfy this need,

LifeSense ESD

The LifeSense ESD device consists of a breather body and disposable mouth piece and sensor strip. The breather body and mouth piece are made by injection molding. The sensor strip is prepared specific to the disease to be tested.

Innovation and Applications

We are at the peak of the digitalization age which is making our surroundings smarter every day. There are many initiatives to make the buildings, vehicles, cities, etc., smart. However, we believe that better than making things smart, we need to make them sustainable,

The Dr. Cool is an innovative product, introduces an air cooling system with an application of Thermo Electric Coolers. The TEC is a semiconducting device working by the principle of Peltier Effect. The TEC’s has a cold and hot junctions, by the use of heatsink(fins) the heat is distributed.

You must have seen notice boards and information boards at various places such as schools, universities, offices, transport hubs, etc. The conventional method involves the use of paper or an entirely separate display system for such purposes respectively. These methods consume resources and time.


Blockchain technology has caused a tremendous impact in both academia and business market. Since there are centralized servers used in generally, we have recognized:

The growth in load on the servers which might lead to server crashing and failure.

VAYU is a modern tower cooler designed for urban spaces. It has a compact monolithic form with carefully packed components which enables it to purify the air and even cools it efficiently through evaporative cooling. With its simple geometrical and subtle design language,

For large property owners, routine maintenance like mowing and snow removal are ongoing and time consuming. A machine that could perform a portion if not all of these tasks autonomously would free up considerable time and conceivably use less fuel for the same task.


In our day to day life engineering interventions are unavoidable, since engineering is well aligned with our lifestyle. A decay back engineering can be differentiate from one stream to another stream; According to world industrial growth,

Non-invasive imaging at centimeter depths in tissue is possible with computational diffuse optical imaging (DOI). Camera measurements of scattered light at the tissue surface are interpreted with a light transport model to reconstruct optical parameters within the tissue, providing contrast for object detection, localization, and identification.

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