My lengthy searching of Plato's works, resulting in the Discovered Invention of a New Polyhedron the “GENERATOR POLYHEDRON” [2017 –a Non-Regular Icosahedron, Relating the 5 Platonic Polyhedron] together with my own parallel considerations and questions for the actions and mechanisms of the Galactic Spirals,

The main purpose of project prObe is to design and develop a next-gen aerial autonomous robotic platform (UAV), for extreme and challenging environments. Capable of undertaking high quality data acquisition activities, for inspection and decision-making operations.

The very first new evolutionary spaceship technology has been rolled out for mass production!

Our Universal Enhancement Spaceship Unit is constructed from high-quality materials, carefully selected by our team of experts. Embedding the essence of the New GANS Plasma Science and Technology,

Ransomware detection service.

This technology detects the proliferation of ransomwares as malwares that are infecting and disrupting the global cyber infrastructure.

Example: A contest such as Create the Future Design contest brews. First prize winners are presented with state of the art “Laptops and Windows 11 PCs.

Auto H20 is a team that started in the capstone program at San Diego State University. Four mechanical engineers, three electrical engineers, two computer engineers and one graphic designer student developed a full scale prototype of auquio.

XD100 is India's first N100 efficient respirator which is reusable, very cost-effective and also has smart features such as Bluetooth interface, self-sterilization. Its half face version was launched in the market in November 2020 and has gained a very good response.

Alchemist784™ Ltd., an international R&D business, and their ThermalCUBE™ Energy Division, a member owned cooperative (ESOP,

In 1978, I invented a new method of timing such four-stroke engines, and as a student graduating from the department of combustion engines at the University of Techology Krakow, inspired, I was given the opportunity to do my diploma thesis at the university,

It's always a pain to be stuck in traffic jam. The most traffic is at 10-12 am and at 5-7 pm due to most of the offices having the same time of working hour and school too.

One hour can change a lifetime!

Cardiac arrests are becoming increasing every day and people die by the time they reach proper medical assistance. One of the common causes of death is not able to have access to medical support on time.

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