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The amount of time to presently charge a battery electric vehicle (EV) at home is numerous hours. Using a public, high-powered, fast charger takes much more time compared to filling up the tank with gasoline or diesel. For example,

An Alternative Crank Engine

This product innovation relates to the internal combustion engine and proposes a significant step forward in improving performance, fuel economy and emissions by changing the thermodynamic cycle of heat transfer into useful work whilst retaining all existing technological infrastructure and costs.

The benefits of using Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS) in braking is already evident from motorsports and production hybrid-electric vehicles. Another area that has a high potential for KERS implementation is the suspension system.

This idea comes from our web article “Turbocharged Zhou Engine” (https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/turbocharged-zhou-engine-jing-yuan-zhou), and our invention PCT/CA2014050106 (Japan granted JP6574447, and patent-pending in other countries). So we are working on it.

This invention, Zhou Engine,

Requirements for the 3T

As a design approach we used the axiom of, "make something you would want to use" and balanced that against existing technologies with strong performance so that a realistically functional and dependable device could be made.

The proposed urban mobility system will be composed of:

Air modules: Multicopters having propulsion pods each one with one or two electric motors driving a single or multibladed rotors, equipped with battery or fuel cell power packs, and control unities capable of flying in autonomous, programmable,

One of the central maintenance regimes for railway systems is track maintenance work. The track maintenance regime is comprehensive, including preventive and predictive maintenance. Nevertheless, the number of independently created and built track inspection vehicles is limited to the railway operator only.

The original Inductrack concept (invented for trains by Richard F Post at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory) is described in Wikipedia thus:

“…a passive, fail-safe electrodynamic magnetic levitation system,

A Brief Description:
This is the 3rd Stage of device development since 2011 and it is “Automatically Car Cover (Changeable plastic (LLDPE) film) device by Mobile Bluetooth (MINI Spider Cover)”, (Registered Patent No.



EXTRACT: Electric vehicles have lesser travel range than fossil fuel vehicles. This limits electric vehicles to the vicinity of electric charging facilities. It also limits their viability, and sales,

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