To clear streets of trains, buses and cars a simple walk-on-pod street transport system can carry pedestrians fast and safely like a scooter for long street distances.

Driven by energy conservation and environmental protection, present-day engineering applications focus on the effective usage of fossil fuels.

Hence, industrial sectors perform extensive research on the light-weighting of structures to improve efficiency.

The aluminum matrix composite (AMC) is fabricated by reinforcing continuous stainless-steel (SS 304) fibers.

I was watching some youths kick a P.V.C. football very hard against the wall of a building.

The ball was never damaged and ended up quite a distance away. This gave me an idea for a very accident resistant vehicle.

"Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been. - Albert Einstein.

Einstein relative energy: "When a vehicle is in motion the wind sheer passing by the vehicle can be converted to torque and on to wild AC".

Have you seen the latest documentary “SEASPIRACY” on Netflix? If you did not watch it, you probably need to see it if you have any intention of saving the world. From the moment I saw it which is few days ago,

TOP-Racing is a world league of professional racing of light motor vehicles that is open to any kind of technology you can bring! Having real fun while creating efficient technology is the key idea. You, as a competitor,

A Smart and Adaptive Driver Monitoring and Assistance System based on Facial Landmarking & Deep Learning.

The problem ADAMS-Advanced Driving And Monitoring System solves is that a large portion of road accidents (78.4%) are due to the driver fatigue and inattention. This includes speeding,

The Sowda® Engine is a trademarked, patented, “Revolutionary yet Simple,” gear-based crank assembly mechanism. This engine has an Infinitely Variable Compression (IVC) adjustment from 8:1 to 24:1 (or much higher whereas the prototype is 40:1 ratio) for dual-fuel (gasoline-diesel) capability.

Horizontal K type configuration is new type of configuration designed for an internal combustion engine.

In this configuration, 4 cylinders are present per crankpin in the shape of "K" with its vertical side parallel to the ground. The positioning of cylinders is based on the multi-body simulation results.

It's a coupe car that was inspired by a shark. I did its blueprints in Autodesk AutoCAD 2018, and then I modeled its exterior and interior parts in Autodesk Inventor Professional 2018 in 1/30 scale. It took me over 2 years to finish it completely in both software packages.

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