So you are back to your commute, and find the price of gas has gone up 50% or more, perhaps impacting your budget and causing you to consider more fuel-efficient driving. That live miles-per-gallon (MPG) on your digital display might help,

In the current world with limited resources, undergoing global warming, the economical solutions with environmental low impact must be implemented. On a less (fossil) carbon mobility, the Spherical Chamber Engine (SCE) takes up the challenge!

It is an internal combustion engine, characterized by a spherical combustion chamber,

Traffic accidents today could be considered a pandemic, since the causes of death, mainly in Latin America, are very high.

Road administrators receive information from multiple sources and their main source is the operational center, where services are managed, there are specific developments,

The Ignire is a sedan type car. And mainly focused on middle class people who can't afford current electric cars in the market now. And the second goal is to offer a jet-like feeling while driving it.

The current Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) is generally rated at about 25% efficient. My goal is to increase this efficiency rate to over 50% by making the ICE configuration more correct. Current engines make around 1 hp per cubic inch.

The Trailer Emergency Mat is an isolated system to brake trailers when the tow vehicle has problems, particularly in downhill situations or during an attempt of an emergency stop that might cause the trailer to jack-knife.

The idea for a Parabolic Airstream Inline Diffuser (P.A.I.D.) came into existence for the purpose of making it easier to tow my caravan by reducing the significantly restrictive aerodynamic properties of my caravan.

Everyone is making electric cars. This idea answers the question:

'Why would the customers buy our cars and not other OEMs'?

Vibration and Inertial Electro Mobile - VIMO contains several innovations that improve the energy efficiency of existing technologies:

A new system of accumulation of vibration energy, which is 4-5 times more effective than the famous GenShock.

Combined wind-turbine,

This innovation relates to the field of opposed piston internal combustion engines (OP-ICE) having two pistons in one cylinder configured to have facing heads. Specifically,

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