How to move large numbers of people into, out of and around city centers is becoming a greater problem for all people in urban areas (planners, consultants, city merchants, commuters, residents, visitors, politicians, transit employees and taxpayers). In the Solution,


In the United States alone people waste $73 billion every year to look for a parking spot. In Germany on an average one driver spends 48 hours every year searching for parking. This is just the waste of gasoline and diesel in terms of money.

The innovation introduces a 48Volts Mild Hybrid Transmission System (the System). Unlike other mild hybrid configurations, known in the prior art, which only enable the administration of TORQUE available from the hybrid set (e.g., internal combustion engine (ICE) and electric machine (EM)),

Internal combustion engines are ubiquitous machines powering the global economy. They are employed in commercial vehicles, trucks (off/on-road), marine propulsion, aircraft, and power generation. Engine manufacturers worldwide are under constant pressure from governments to improve fuel efficiency and decrease greenhouse gas emissions. Currently,

This design is a convenient and low cast transport means. It is powered by electricity and no carbon emission. Reference Figure 1, this design comprises one wheel with a hub motor, one operating-pedal, one fixed-pedal, one seat, one telescopic handle, battery pack and electrocircuit.

Advances in technology and environmental concerns will precipitate major changes in how public transit will deliver services in the coming years. Advances, including AI-assisted scheduling software, self-driving systems, and perhaps most important of all, multi-passenger Uber/Lyft-like software coming on stream,

With the targeting of specialization technologies in materials for automotive purposes, within the innovations invisible to the consumer market, we observe the state of the art in cylinder liners for internal combustion engines (MCI's) in cast iron, aluminum or ceramic coated. For Diesel MCI's,

I designed a circuit, built, wired, and programmed an Autonomous Car, so it would drive autonomously by avoiding obstacles. If there is an obstacles in front, or on the right or on the left side of the car, the car would reverse and turn left or right.

As a valuable contribution to decarbonize land transportation, Project ev-motion.com presents novel concepts of electric vehicles (Patent US8256553-revival filed) for the masses, affordable, desirable and connected to a unique infrastructure providing them with unlimited range of operation.

Requirements for the Avatar
The Avatar was designed specifically as a lightweight holiday or island vehicle with no CO2 output.

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