Issue Addressed: Heavy commercial vehicles like trucks, lorries, earthmovers operate in their lifecycle in two modes corresponding to being empty (only curb weight acting) and loaded (curb weight plus the payload). Usually,

Looking at the Fuel Economy in India i.e. ARAI Fuel Economy during Testing v/s Actual riding Condition by Customer on Road, there is always variation in fuel economy, which is possibly due to Fuel QTY Variation in fuel testing.

Vehicular accidents are life-threatening and result in fatal casualties in developing countries such as India. According to estimates, traffic accidents kill more people in India than diseases like Cancer and AIDS. More than 150,000 people are killed every year in traffic accidents in India,


Salt and other chemicals rust undercarriage components. Car-bottom rust is dangerous and expensive.

The undercarriage is vulnerable to damage due to lack of care. Salt and mud damage is a safety issue -- many undercarriage components cannot be rustproofed.

Interactive SmartWindows for Autonomous Vehicles with Digital Display capabilities. Transparent OLED TECHNOLOGIES with touchscreen, face recognition, temperature control, Augmented reality, voice recognition, the future of how we look out transportation windows will change forever! For military vehicles and aircraft, for private or public transportation vehicles like trains, buses,

This is an electric tricycle, unlike the traditional tricycle we have in Africa which uses petrol. This is a conceptual design of a modern tricycle that will bring about ease and comfort of transportation in Africa and other nations that use tricycle as a means of transportation. No fuel,

This concept provides a method whereby identical dual radial gap motor modules can be joined together in a linear assembly for the purpose of incrementally increasing or decreasing the total power output available to perform a particular task.

The Hexaviation Snowflake is a groundbreaking innovative design concept for an environmental friendly autonomous flying advanced passenger transportation system. The technology is based on a drone flyer using a double propeller vertical take-off and landing principle which is powered by hydrogen fuel cell units.

A single Pivoting Axle mounted at each fore-and-aft end of an EV platform and controlled by a simple CPU enables it to accelerate, decelerate, steer, dampen and theoretically brake without resorting to any additional hardware components. It’s all controlled by software codes!

The object of this invention is to create an energy efficient rotary magnetic motor. The world is desperately looking for a clean energy alternative as we transition from fossil fuels, one that uses less electric current than conventional electric motors.

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