Aluminium is the most cost-effective conductor of electricity available. It can carry electrical current for less than 15% the cost of carrying the same current, using copper. However,

The main idea in this entry was to introduce a methodology and concludingly an optimized geometry for a commercial reactive muffler for noise reduction in auto applications. Due to a large number of variables (geometrical and mode) involving in the topology optimization of the common commercial mufflers,

In road transport, on ships and diesel locomotives, a significant share in the cost of production is the cost of fuel (over 30%). Measures to control its overspending are reduced by the installation of flow sensors/meters, which allows you to state the fact of overspending, to record theft,

It is a conveyor belt that transports a product from one belt to another at 90°

This design was built for the exit of a cooling tunnel for frozen chocolates, where there was practically no space.

Our breakthrough low-emissions diesel combustion system has been shown in detailed modeling to be capable of providing clean, pre-mixed combustion on diesel fuel at a stable and appropriate timing of ignition (without pre-ignition). Unlike in standard diesels,

There are many phenomenon either natural or human made that destroy public properties like power line poles and sometimes the combination of both reasons will also bring high destruction. Recent recorded phenomena that have been well known for destruction of those properties are vehicle accidents, hurricanes and flooding, construction,

Project miracle auto technics
Project author Rustamov
Talaybek Alimbekovich.

In the world, the manual assembly of a machine is considered very high quality and expensive, like a Rolls-Royce car.

Do you have a question about the prototype of this machine, and how it differs from others.


AutoRing is a new type of Dash Cam. However, instead of filming what is going on outside the car, it is set to record break-ins. Owners have a security fob that disarms the system when doors are opened, but if a thief enters the vehicle,

Autonomous Vehicles Community of Learners and Virtual Competitions:

Skoods is a virtual competition platform for self-driving cars. Competitors learn how to apply autonomous vehicles technologies to a digital-twin of a car in a simulation environment. After learning,

So my idea is to make vegetable jam (thela) automated. There are more than 50,000 thela wala's in India, my father is one of them. We all know how much hard work they need to put in to move thela and make money on a daily basis.

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