For intelligent vehicles, road lane detection is a challenging task during nighttime due to low visibility of markers lanes on road. Autonomous vehicles must survive in several road environments such as sunny, foggy, rainy, shadowy, inside tunnel and during night.

As we move into the future of electric vehicles we have an opportunity to not only improve our environment, we can also improve our transportation experience as well.

This is a overview of my idea. However multiple alternative fuel companies may have to work together (I personally work with a few as current customers). Use every landfill/brewery gases in the world as a gas station for internal combustion vehicles and machines.

In the present day loss of a ship or serious damage to it, meaning loss of days at sea, is becoming increasingly unacceptable. The idea presented is to decrease damage from a collision or sinking of the ship after a major malfunction.

Business travel will continue to be initiated from high-rise buildings.

Every floor has an elevator stop from where people travel to the crowded ground level for horizontal transport. That is where congestion makes getting anywhere problematic.

Flyavator changes the concept. Instead of going to the ground level,

This project is a novel and patented automobile horsepower measuring method, implemented through a) chassis dynamometers (“dynos”), b) embodiments in real road conditions, such as physical devices, and c) other embodiments in real road conditions, such as mobile apps.

Garbage trucks are typically noisy and inefficient.

Utilizing a small, high efficiency diesel engine that runs at a constant engine speed, electricity will be generated for battery storage. This will be used for hydraulic pumps and motive force of the truck creating an efficient,

Our team has over many years developed a double acting fickett-jacobs cycle internal detonation engine that boasts pure isochoric constant volume heat addition, giving it the world's highest efficiency for a given stroke to bore ratio. Instead of conventional engine architecture,

Nowadays micromobility has become a leading trend in our society. The number of electric bikes, scooters, and skateboards are increasing exponentially. Following this trend, we have invented an electric baby stroller (EBS).

A briefcase-sized e-kit (comprising lithium ion battery module, motor and electronics – patent pending) is designed to be easily attached to the wide variety of non-motorized vehicle types (vehicles that are pushed, pulled or pedalled). It can be applied to vehicles in several applications,

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