The Hybrid CoAxial Engine is an advanced development of the previous entry from 2015 that provides further improvements of the design of the CoAxial Engine. The design presents an integration between the CoAxial Engine and an electrical machine. Presently,

The advancements made in the fields of technology and automobiles has led many drivers to believe they are auditioning for the next Fast and Furious movie.

This is the idea: a new concept of the suspension system in commercial vehicles, to eliminate basic components and have major control.

The heavy duty trucks generate a turbulent flow around the truck and trailer periphery but the turbulent flow or high air pressure areas are more considerable at the rear of the trailer or the box or the container.

The concept presented will be able to prevent snow from the trunk of the car, in the trunk cargo space. As soon as the trunk opens, the settled snow, either on the rear window or on the trunk lid, will slide into the trunk area.

The application of additive manufacturing has allowed a research team at The University of Bath (UK) to significantly improve the achievable performance of SiC and other wide band gap semiconductor devices, allowing an increase in inverter performance that will improve the efficiency,

In 1978, I invented a new method of timing such four-stroke engines, and as a student graduating from the department of combustion engines at the University of Techology Krakow, inspired, I was given the opportunity to do my diploma thesis at the university,

It's always a pain to be stuck in traffic jam. The most traffic is at 10-12 am and at 5-7 pm due to most of the offices having the same time of working hour and school too.

Highway and road accidents occur frequently everywhere due to a number of different reasons. But the most common reason is overtaking with high speeds. Many times very heavy trucks, trailers, containers, Volvo buses move with steady speed.

Shipping transport changed to containers some decades ago but that created another transport bottleneck, the port crane, that can usually move about 200 containers per hour. Our 1000 containers per hour port crane system uses around 200 x,y,z movement crane modules, battery or green hydrogen powered, to pickup containers,

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