The SafRSEATS Seat Belt Restraint System was conceived with the goal of retrofitting mass transit vehicles, especially school buses and tour buses, with a secure and cost-effective seat belt restraint system to increase passenger safety,

There was a long felt need to provide a simple and economic trolley unit, for the roadside garage mechanic which is unequivocally efficient for lifting a motorcycle with ease and comfort for its servicing and maintenance. The present embodiment herein provides a trolley unit,

A roadway made out of a hard material that is connected in squares. If a repair is needed, you replace the squares instead of the entire roadway. They can be heated through geo thermal so roadway never freezes. No more salt or chemicals.

Imagine an automobile that not only produces no pollution but also cleans the air as you drive it. This is The Tomorrow Car. The Tomorrow Car (TTC) is an Electric/Hybrid drive train that consumes Carbon Dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere and produces Hydrogen gas and baking soda as byproducts.

Veloroute H2O is a sustainable public mobility concept that aims to connect the two sides of Kiel city in Germany. Bicycles are a sustainable form of mobility that proved to be one of the safest options during a pandemic; however,

Today's current urban transportation system is full of problems. Traffic, parking, pollution and accidents are some of the main ones. From a designers perspective, our current system is not efficient and sustainable. Therefore I had the idea to design an urban transportation system,

America must invest more in its infrastructures and roads system, such as building new roads and renovating old roads. The building roads and renewing & renovation of old roads, however, what a vexing and disturbing thing it is that almost everyone has experienced. From now on,

The RVA series of valves were designed to permit the repair of failed valves without the need to remove the cylinder head of the engine.

1) The continuous development and possible use of flying cars and delivery drones on the open sky over the city and metropolitan areas can through the time overcrowd the sky and originate Challenger-like accidents, felling cars, careless drivers, bad guys use its for terrorism, etc.

ElektrikCar LLC is a Michigan based company that manufactures battery electric vehicles (EV) and fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) since 2012. We have been building clean energy vehicles in China and Indonesia with engineering based in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

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