Drive module combining in one reducer and motor, which is not driven not by a rotating magnetic field, but the forces of magnetic attraction and repulsion generated between the current in coils and permanent magnets. The design is shown in the attached figures, where fig.

The 3D printing industry has grown quickly over the last decade with average compound annual growth rates of around 27% leading to a market size of $17.7 billion in 2022. The use of 3D printing for large-scale polymer objects is also a high growth area,

Sustainable and Secure Sensor/Actuator

This novel invention is an environmentally friendly improvement to linear slides, sensors, and robotics. This novel actuator could be used in Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Automation, Medical and IoT applications.

My idea was born from the experience of seeing and buying samples of miniature pottery made of clay. Sometime later,

Simone is an opensource fembot (female) humanoid AI robot and is part of the #openFembot project. The purpose was to design a humanoid robot with A.I. that anyone could build. Simone phase 1 was completed in January 2022.

Uses: Simone can be used for entertainment, a store greeter,

A means of achieving nearly zero coefficient of friction

The sliding surfaces are each coated with a reactive material, in nano capsules or in some cases merely absorbed in a microporous surface.

It's all about renting a car in a smarter way. This idea surfaced due to the problem we faced during our vacation. We leveraging the concept of connected vehicles for our idea, connected vehicle is currently in the market where ,

Coatings with a pseudo-alloy structure are a separate type of composite coatings. They consist of materials that do not form solid solutions and compounds in the liquid and solid states (differing in melting temperatures and not fusing with each other).

Electrically powered zipper slider with a locking mechanism activated by Bluetooth. If the power is zero or there is an emergency the lock can be opened with a combination code. This zipper design can be used on luggage bags,

It's a robotic startup that builds demotic robot with resealable price to be owned by any consumer. We focus on housekeeping robots with many features to add fun and adventure to the ordinary routine work, helping to reduce time and effort.

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