Need of the proposed product:

A healthy or well conditioned machine produces dimensionally accurate high quality products. Undesirable conditions during machining produces tool chatter, wear and breakage consequently leading to reduced tool life and poor quality. Thus,

High Impact Crisis Unit’s mission is to act in harmony with first responders, meeting the needs of the world’s humanitarian housing crisis. HICU is offering a continuity plan and safe haven for those in need within a distressed community.

Robotics is a part of today's communication. Nowadays many industries are using robots, due to their high level of performance, which is a great help for humans society. Likewise in many industries, we have seen that heavy components which they have to move from one place to another place,

The current invention proposes novel, improved designs for high pulse energy transverse discharge gas lasers such as excimer lasers. The new designs provide an annular gain path, capitalizing on grazing incidence reflections from laser electrode surfaces and enabling the engineering of very low inductance electric discharge circuits,

Founded in 2018, the company has created a new way of building composite parts, one that combines 3D printing technique and filament with continuous carbon fiber reinforcement and compression molding to create strong, light components.

My innovation design for the future is a robotic watering and sower machine. It can operate with renewable energy using solar panel systems, wind turbine, self irrigating system, and composting as fertilizer. Its main purpose is watering and sowing for less strenuous work and for drought control.

The industry 4.0 has introduced automated manufacturing. It is time to combine this with technology with machine learning for predictive maintenance, Down time for maintenance and machine breakdowns can be reduced.

FlowIO is the world’s first fully integrated, miniature pneumatic development platform for actuation, sensing, and control of soft robotics and programmable materials. FlowIO was developed at MIT and deployed globally to democratize programmable matter; to make prototyping, innovation, and research with soft robotics incredibly quick and easy;

With the appearance of a great and terrible invention, the world has completely changed ...

We created plastic.

The world will never be the same, since plastic has been taking a significant role in our lives.  Everything in our world is made of plastic. We are addicted to it.


I have designed and built a prototype replaceable vise jaws for use as a combined parallel and angle setting device. There are recently produced products that operate similarly, however, they use compressed air to "activate" the pins and all but the needed ones must be retracted.

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