Sustainable Technologies

GEDAYC is a new concept of wind turbines with blades and Comets 50% more efficient than propeller models.
Thanks to its design and the wide range of wind that generates energy from weak tovery strong winds.

Now a days we have the problem of energy wastage alot.
That is why it is needed to increase the efficiency of energy.

In cars we have, especially electric or solar car, it runs with the electricity. It has some particular range to have kms.

This geothermal water heater design consists of two water tanks connected together with a water-to-water heat pump to extract heat from (or cool) the water in one tank to heat the water in the other.

There are an increasing number of products available designed to help us “go Green” and reduce our consumption of electricity, gas and water in our homes. With so many great products on the market, and more coming,

Road-Guard develops mobile and in-vehicle Driver Attention solutions focusing on Fuel Economy and Driver Safety applications. Road-Guard is a pioneer of eco-intelligent “Horizon Predictive” technology with sustainable competitive advantage that helps vehicle drivers save in average between 15 – 25% of fuel costs,

Greenergy Fertilizer

In the United States, cities, municipalities, boroughs and counties together collect 65 million tons of yard waste and grass clippings every year (Source- Environmental Protection Agency). There is growing awareness about how this bio-degradable material overloads the landfills. However,

The novel product is a piezoelectric energy harvesting device mounted inside the combustion chamber of the spark ignition engine of a vehicle. The piezoelectric material is covered with a Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) material to be protected against explosions inside the cylinder.

Already well-known,

Most residential buildings in the United States dispose of the waste water without any method for heat recovery. While controlling building heat losses through better insulated structures is part of standard construction, less is done to prevent energy loss through drainage plumbing. The U.

A simple rotary heat engine that uses a small temperature differential to produce hundreds of foot pounds of mechanical torque for direct application or for electrical generation,can be built to operate from a hot spring or simple solar collector as heat source.
Utilizing only simple engineering and thermodynamics,

My invention heats water by taking the kinetic energy from the wind using a modified Froude type dynamometer, which is coupled to a vertical axis cycloturbine style wind turbine.

The wind-turbine is a variation of prior cycloturbine types,

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