Sustainable Technologies

The world population every year continues to grow at an alarming rate and we are feeling the effects of it increasing more and more every day. More people means more housing, more cars, more energy, and more pollution. More energy and pollution are two that go together.

The Fuller wind turbine is awaiting USPTO patent issuance. It is an improvement of an early 20th Century Tesla turbine, substantially modified for use as a low speed, high torque wind turbine. By being vertically mounted atop a tubular tower,

Material System

A material system on the basis of a force-fit between pvc (polyvinylchlorid) and carbon fibres has
been intelligently introduced in a geometric development of a shading construction which unfolds an apparent functionality with temperature change.

This device uses heat from the sun, engine, and electrical cords to heat water to steam, which spins turbines to produce electricity. The sun hits a black panel on the hood and reflects heat back up, creating a greenhouse effect.

This project is a revolutionary non-polluting environmental process, using proprietary technology, chemicals and mechanical devices, which efficiently separates and transforms used nylon carpeting into its original individual components for reuse, namely; nylon, polypropylene, and rubber adhesive. In the United States alone,

The current plan to remove Incandescent Lamps from the worldwide marketplace leaves few alternatives. The most expensive, LEDs, and the most common, Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs), and its associated problems: emission efficiency, slow to start, short life, unacceptable colors, and potential Mercury Contamination.

We store food materials in Refrigerators and Freezers to prevent them from going bad prematurely.

Reducing the total number of hours of operation of the refrigeration units reduces the consumption of electrical energy.

During the winter months, in some parts of the word,

Opportunities exist in clean alternative/renewable energy technologies for the repowering of a power hungry world.

Advanced Alternative Energy Corp. (AAEC) has developed a novel clean alternative energy technology with tremendous potential as the United States and rest of the world begins embracing clean energy.

When Credit and ATM Cards are lost to lock these cards we have to call to customer care and it will take time. In between some antisocial activity may happen. To remove this problem these cards would be locked by the cell phone itself.

This invention is in principal a new method of saving electrical energy. The usage of this invention will allow reduction of electrical losses which occur in the electrical transmission networks.

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