Sustainable Technologies

The universal rationale for the massive public commitment to wind power is that it is environmentally benign. But land based wind power has at least two major environmental problems—noise and the killing of bird populations that has begun to cause serious concern among mainstream environmentalists.

AHGS is an idea to create a future system grid to substitute the actual distribution of gas for cars.
Hydrogen is one of the interesting future fuels besides charging batteries. So hydrogen is used in fuel cell-powered cars. To generate hydrogen autonomic AHGS is an approach.

This is a new concept in renewable energy production, called AirWatt. It can produce much more electrical power per unit area of land than solar, wind, or hydro power plants. Whereas solar works only during sunlight hours,

Alair aluminum-air battery for sustainable electricity production

This device is intended as a standalone electricity generator for off-grid living, in either developed or developing countries. It uses the chemical reaction:

4Al + 3O2 + 6H2O ?

HCT CAD-CAM-CNC Tech Support Ltd.
currently developed product: "All Round Solar Wave Energy Antenna" an antenna for extracting and/or tapping the wave energy from the Sun day & night, in rainy or sunny weather, from the Earth's atmosphere. Fields of application are power energy generation, auto engine,

The MicroUtility will provide modern utility services to rural sub-Saharan Africa at a low capital and operating cost, using easily maintained, low-tech equipment. The services that the MicroUtility provides are: (1) wastewater treatment; (2) potable water supplies; (3) high-protein animal feed; (4) fertilizer;

Storage of electrical energy is a growing problem.

This concept is based on the well-known pumped storage, which is a type of hydroelectric power generation. The method stores energy in the form of water, pumped from a lower elevation reservoir to a higher elevation.

Ships have propellers which are designed to fling water relatively rearwards in an efficient manner. Tidal power is one area of ‘alternative energy’ which seems as if it has some chance for being cost effective.

Spills of oil from drilling and transportation operations will continue to cause environmental degradation and economic losses.

Millions of tons (annually) of sustainable (U.S.A-available) resources can help reduce the impact of the environmental insult of uncontained oil.

The US Interstate Highway System consists of about 47,000 miles of highway. Dividing the highway is a median strip that average about 40 feet in width. Thus, Interstate Highway median strips constitute about 9.93 billion square feet, 228,000 acres of land.

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