Sustainable Technologies

It's an electrical system consisting of
(a) disc rotor
(b) a set of transformers
to generate electric power for any application.

It is aimed to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, Solar, wind,water head, ocean waves etc. for generation of power.

Wind energy is becoming more prevalent in the world, and many advances are being made daily. My system would eliminate many problems people face because many communities do not allow or have great restrictions on wind turbines. This system would allow a duct system to collect air,

Current prototype for a lighter-than-air tethered wind turbine use a horizontal axis for its generator. This kind of mechanism (as on the majority of land/sea based wind turbines) has high dependency on wind direction.

E-Path is a concept to facilitate electrification of the North American rail network while providing the right of way for the electrical transmission infrastructure needed to access the large amount of wind energy in the center of the continent.

What problem does your design idea solve?
·Typical PV solar panels are roof mounted and requires another structural frame to support the panel. Mounting brackets can penetrate the roofing and cause leaks.
·Solar hot-water panels have the same problems; leaking piping requires replacing panels.

The current tomato peeling process is a water- and energy- intensive operation and results in a large amount of wastewater. Particularly, the wastewater from caustic peeling method using hot lye solution is high in salinity and organic load due to loss of tomato solid during peeling.

This is the transmission of electricity via wireless, which has been brought about by the use of diesel and petrol powered cars.

This design consists of the following elements: 1. water holding system 2. a turbine 3. water pumping system.

Water holding system consists of two pits and an interconnecting tub of predetermined dimensions.

Idea is based on gravitational force, water and buoyancy. These three natural forces are present all over the world and will never end. In this Idea power project these three forces are used for the production of electricity, Gravitational force.

The device is a energy harvesting module. This universal generator can be used to capture rotary, angular and reciprocating motion generated by the actions of humans in the course of their day to day activities.

The device is scalable and consists of a friction wheel,

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