Sustainable Technologies

It's an electrical system consisting of
(a) disc rotor
(b) a set of transformers
to generate electric power for any application.

It is aimed to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, Solar, wind,water head, ocean waves etc. for generation of power. Such a system may also be functional in outer space

All electric power generators present in the market have a common principle of physics for development of electro motive force (e.m.f)i.e the Lenz's rule.

In the present case (disc generator) the e.m.f is developed by Rate change of Magnetic flux or flow line intensity with respect to both 3D Position and Time in radial direction.This helps to reduce mechanical input torque to generator

The system is intended ...

Wind energy is becoming more prevalent in the world, and many advances are being made daily. My system would eliminate many problems people face because many communities do not allow or have great restrictions on wind turbines. This system would allow a duct system to collect air, speed it up, and turn a sealed turbine at the base(or other location). This system could be free standing or even part of a roof system built into the house at the time of construction allowing capture of wind up the roof surface and funneling down into the attic or even basement. This system would also allow the option of using that same wind to provide cooling in the summer by controlling ...

Current prototype for a lighter-than-air tethered wind turbine use a horizontal axis for its generator. This kind of mechanism (as on the majority of land/sea based wind turbines) has high dependency on wind direction. The turbine has to be facing toward the air stream to get its optimum rotation.

But, as on land/sea based wind turbines, this new concept will eliminate that restriction by using a vertical axis electric generator. The mechanism is similar to a conventional anemometer, it can operate with an air stream coming from any direction. The electrical output is transferred down via a tether that has a conductor wire inside. The balloon is filled with non-reactive and lighter than air gas. The device is easy ...

E-Path is a concept to facilitate electrification of the North American rail network while providing the right of way for the electrical transmission infrastructure needed to access the large amount of wind energy in the center of the continent. It then leverages the electrified rail network to provide an evolutionary path to fully autonomous intermodal rail service as well as a path to electrification/hybridization of commercial trucking. The intermodal carriages carry their own electric drive train that powers the rear set of tires. 4 deployable steel wheels carry the weight when on the rails. Initially the carriages would be pulled on the street with conventional tractors. However, next generation tractors would be developed that would leverage the electromotive drive ...

What problem does your design idea solve?
· Typical PV solar panels are roof mounted and requires another structural frame to support the panel. Mounting brackets can penetrate the roofing and cause leaks.
· Solar hot-water panels have the same problems; leaking piping requires replacing panels.
· Re-roofing requires removal of PV and hot-water panels.
The Eco-8 roof panels removes the super-heated attic space; removes costs of duplicating materials and systems; and provides easy-upgrades by recoating roof surface with latest thin-film efficient PV technologies.

What are the potential benefits?
The cost of the Eco-8 panel is sub-divided by a structural roof deck; electricity producing panel; thermal hot and cold liquid production; rain water collection system; natural cooling ventilator; a ...

The current tomato peeling process is a water- and energy- intensive operation and results in a large amount of wastewater. Particularly, the wastewater from caustic peeling method using hot lye solution is high in salinity and organic load due to loss of tomato solid during peeling. It is reported that the water consumption for tomato processing in California alone is about 10.7 billion gallons per year, while expenses of wastewater management could be up to $8,000 per ton of total dissolved solids. Presently, tomato processors are under intense regulation and environmental pressure and are seeking alternatives to replace caustic peeling. The development of sustainable tomato peeling technology has recently been identified as an urgent and a top priority by ...

This is the transmission of electricity via wireless, which has been brought about by the use of diesel and petrol powered cars. As we all know the oil industries will continue to operate for the coming years and we need to find a way to convert the negative impact of these cars to become a positive and the ways could be:

1) Driving for a 50/50 energy plan, having 50% of cars using energy from oil and the other 50% using electrical and hydrogen energy.
2) Making cars which use oil produce an alternative energy source which is eco friendly.

Production of electricity from cars

This will be done by the production of electricity from a turbine installed in ...

This design consists of the following elements: 1. water holding system 2. a turbine 3. water pumping system.

Water holding system consists of two pits and an interconnecting tub of predetermined dimensions.

Turbine consists of a closed cylinder with shaft at the center of its diameter and blades weld on the circumferential surface with predetermined dimensions and angle. Turbine diameter should be minimum 2 meters. The length of the turbine shall be the width of th tub. Turbine is fixed to the tub at its center. The turbine blades will be very close to the bottom of the tub. At the bottom of the tub, where the turbine is fixed, an arc shaped plate is fixed so that the ...

Idea is based on gravitational force, water and buoyancy. These three natural forces are present all over the world and will never end. In this Idea power project these three forces are used for the production of electricity, Gravitational force. From any height if a weight falls on the earth, under controlled conditions with the help of chain pulleys and gears, will have the force according to the weight. This force is used to give the required movement to the alternator to produce electricity.Gravitation force and buoyancy are two natural forces and present everywhere on the earth. Using these two natural forces any amount of cheap electricity can be generated any where on this earth. The main idea is ...

The device is a energy harvesting module. This universal generator can be used to capture rotary, angular and reciprocating motion generated by the actions of humans in the course of their day to day activities.

The device is scalable and consists of a friction wheel, a built in electrical generator, modular electrical connectors and system specific brackets.

The device can be mounted in a door to capture the angular motion of a door. This will generate power which can be directly used to charge any house hold appliances including media players and cellular phones.

The device can also be mounted on rocking chairs, sliding doors, exercise machines, cycles, skate boards, wheel chairs and treadles to supply power to lap ...

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