Please forgive my poor quality graphics. My idea was to develop a DC generator that would use the torque from a vehicles drive axle; or drive-shaft to provide additional power. The body of the vehicle provides the anchoring points for the outer housing of the Remora which contains the circuitry for creating the DC current. The magnets would be mounted to the axle and then enclosed in the outer housing. The wiring would be connected to the vehicles electrical system. My name is David Carr and Thank You Kindly for your ...

Imagine a world without any vehicular accident and all vehicles have an auto-pilot capability by means of road directional guided sensor. My idea and design concept are focused on developing new road reflector with built-in sonar sensor that can transmit and/or receive data. That transferred data or information from the new developed road reflector can be processed by new integrated electronic technology built-in on all cars which are designed to tell;

(1) the car to stop fully as it approach the road intersection if the lights turn yellow and red, this technology can communicate with all traffic lights and devices. An automatic brake assist will engage as detects the data instruction.

(2) A car display panel showing if a ...

Road Trains: Practical, Inexpensive Mass Transit

The Problem:

No government can now afford to spend (or borrow) the vast monies necessary to provide transit infrastructure to the extent needed. The cost of real estate to create exclusive rail rights-of-way through the most expensive and densely populated urban centers in the world, where mass transit is most desperately needed, has proven to be an insurmountable obstacle.

High driver-to-passenger ratios must be improved for mass transit to be financially viable. We need to move more people to more places and it must be more affordable.

The Solution:

Road Trains are a proven, existing technology that can be expanded from cargo to passenger duty. Road trains can reduce private passenger vehicle use ...

Robot charger.
Intellectual and autonomous (with some exceptions for emergency cases).
Main activity: charge e-vehicle batteries.
Additional activities:
To collect information about free space in parking.
To direct vehicles to free parking ...

People have tried to make the bicycle more efficient and easier to ride for centuries. Some have succeeded, some have failed. The failures have been when someone has tried to get more torque to the rear wheel with a given input. This is where I have succeeded.

This rocker crank extension is the 3rd generation of crank extensions. First was an orbiting crank extension. It did not increase torque. The 2nd was the telescoping crank extension. Although it did increase torque at the rear wheel, it was not the 34% I expected from pretests. There also were dirt and lube concerns with the linear bearings.

The rocker crank extension basically extends your pedal out front only during the down ...

Rotary Stirling-Cycle Combustion Engine

Here is a product that enables movement of people and goods from one place to another.

A plug-in hybrid vehicle requires an on-board system to recharge a battery. The system could be a fuel cell stack or a combustion engine. Unlike an engine which directly drives the vehicle, such an engine does not require much torque. It can be either an external combustion engine or an internal combustion engine.

The Rotary Stirling-Cycle Engine is a combustion engine which can be in a rotary Stirling configuration in a rotary IC configuration. It provides smoother operation than free-piston Stirling or free-piston IC engines. The Rotary Stirling-Cycle Engine is a true rotary engine without eccentricity, but requires ...

The submitted electro-trimaran differs from usual that pontoons are connected to the case of boat not rigidly, but hinged - by means of bars and springs. Therefore pontoons can move concerning the case.
One end of a bar incorporates to a gear of hydraulic mechanism which rotates a shaft of the generator. Hydraulic pistons are installed inside of springs such as shock-absorbers. During fluctuations of pontoons the air (or liquid) of these pistons is forced in special turbine which rotate a shaft of the generator. Depending on size of trimaran it is possible to use only hydraulic or only “ratchet” system.

Thus energy of fluctuations of pontoons will be transformed to the electric power. Force of Arkhimedes working ...

The stability of railway track work, particularly when laid on wooden cross ties, is a constant concern of railroads. The grip of the spikes or bolts or other securing means which holds the rails to the tie plates and the tie plates to the cross ties depends on the resiliency of the wooden ties to maintain the grip. This grip is adversely affected however both by the vibrational loads imposed by passing trains, particularly heavy freight operation, and by seasonal variations in ambient temperature and moisture which causes ties to swell or shrink, greatly affecting the resilience of wood, and which, if sufficiently severe, can result in splitting of the cross ties.

In addition, the increasing employment of continuous-welded ...

Our idea is to integrate as many real data sources as possible to build real time models of urban traffic environments to improve safety and efficiency of traffic, and to provide urban and emergency response planners with a simulation framework from which to evaluate and compare policy and procedures.

In Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) applications, system intelligence is derived from a consolidation of data from multiple, disparate, and non-obvious sources. To demonstrate proof of concept, our data sources to infer vehicular and pedestrian movement patterns include Bluetooth proximity data scanned from Smartphones (fine-grained; representative), trajectories inferred from cellular records (coarse-grained; plentiful), and GPS equipped probe vehicle data. These data sources are stratified in both time and space and are ...

This project intends at improving road safety and controlling pollution effectively. It also helps in effective checking of traffic rule violations. Our motivation comes from the desire to sustain a clean environment by controlling levels of carbon monoxide in the atmosphere as well as to improve transparency in the traffic system by eliminating all loopholes that lead to corruption. We intend to do this by fitting each automobile with a carbon monoxide sensor and a carbon monoxide certificate validation unit that runs for six months after which it has to be reset. A mobile device is implemented at various checkpoints where information regarding what penalty is to be awarded can be received from the Road Traffic Office, once the ...

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