Please forgive my poor quality graphics. My idea was to develop a DC generator that would use the torque from a vehicles drive axle; or drive-shaft to provide additional power.

Imagine a world without any vehicular accident and all vehicles have an auto-pilot capability by means of road directional guided sensor. My idea and design concept are focused on developing new road reflector with built-in sonar sensor that can transmit and/or receive data.

Road Trains: Practical, Inexpensive Mass Transit

The Problem:

No government can now afford to spend (or borrow) the vast monies necessary to provide transit infrastructure to the extent needed.

Robot charger.
Intellectual and autonomous (with some exceptions for emergency cases).
Main activity: charge e-vehicle batteries.
Additional activities:
To collect information about free space in parking.

People have tried to make the bicycle more efficient and easier to ride for centuries. Some have succeeded, some have failed. The failures have been when someone has tried to get more torque to the rear wheel with a given input. This is where I have succeeded.

Rotary Stirling-Cycle Combustion Engine

Here is a product that enables movement of people and goods from one place to another.

A plug-in hybrid vehicle requires an on-board system to recharge a battery. The system could be a fuel cell stack or a combustion engine.

The submitted electro-trimaran differs from usual that pontoons are connected to the case of boat not rigidly, but hinged - by means of bars and springs. Therefore pontoons can move concerning the case.

The stability of railway track work, particularly when laid on wooden cross ties, is a constant concern of railroads.

Our idea is to integrate as many real data sources as possible to build real time models of urban traffic environments to improve safety and efficiency of traffic, and to provide urban and emergency response planners with a simulation framework from which to evaluate and compare policy and procedures.

This project intends at improving road safety and controlling pollution effectively. It also helps in effective checking of traffic rule violations.

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