The Vector Car involves a new body shape using a centrifugal power train providing maximum fuel economy.

For many years we have depended on fossil fuel to play the main role in our transportation and therefore it affects our economy. The future should not have these old fashioned engines which kill us very slowly with their harmful emissions.

Airspeed Measurement Using Acoustic Wave Propagation

A. Current industry standard:
All aircraft currently flying today use a Pitot tube and static pressure ports to determine airspeed. Airspeed is derived from the static and dynamic pressure difference. However,

I started driving in 1971. A good friend of mine drove a 1962 Nova convertible. It had a 327 small block and a Powerglide transmission. It was real fun to drive and my first experience with a two speed automatic transmission.

This device (see illustration) is a free-standing, completely self-contained, electrical power generating unit. It utilizes a ruggedized heat exchanger container for the nuclear waste, cooled by CO2 which drives a low-pressure, low-temperature turbine coupled to a generator.

New Technology Provides Reliable, Less Expensive, Dynamic Control Of Air And Watercraft Propeller Pitch

Currently, propeller pitch control uses three approaches: it is based upon either hydrolic oil pressure, mechanical control using lateral motion along the axis of the drive shaft,

The mass transit systems in the United States remain unavailable to most of the commuting public who live and work too far from mass transit lines. Near major urban areas, their commuting path usually takes them parallel to mass transit routes for much of their route,

Push button hand brakes are used in cars for stopping it from moving forward when in parked position. All cars comes with a hand brake lever near the driver seat which takes lot of space in the middle.

In the near future I would like the see the significant decrease/elimination of the use of gasoline. I also would like to see the transportation of people become safer. And decrease the car accident total to almost nothing.

The solution?

Adding the "regeneration" feature to an electric aircraft significantly extends the flight time, distance, and safety. The dual-role "windprop" provides power for self-contained takeoff, cruise, and climb, and as an airborne wind turbine, restores battery energy when the aircraft encounters updrafts and in final descent. In principle,

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