Most of the traffic control system in developing countries are works based on fixed time concept, the time for Green/Red signals are previously set on the basis of expected traffic densities.

This system will help in slowing down a hijacked marine vessel escaping from authorities. The simple theory behind this invention is based on using the dynamic principle of “Impulse and Momentum.”

This system can be deployed by an aircraft or a ship in pursuit of a target vessel.

This is a much simpler all wheel drive motorcycle design than what is now used off-road with equivalent or better suspension characteristics than existing telescoping front suspensions. It is easier for an average rider to control on steep bumpy slopes, to surmount rocks and logs,

Applying supersonic counter-?owing cold gas jets of a certain mass flow rate and pressure at the nose of a supersonic vehicle can reduce drag, aerodynamic heating and possibly reshape sonic boom signatures.

E-Path is a concept to facilitate electrification of the North American rail network while providing the right of way for the electrical transmission infrastructure needed to access the large amount of wind energy in the center of the continent.

ElectroCeramics Energy and Propulsion

Acoustio-optical resonant refrigeration in self-oscillating ceramic waveguide structure.

The dominating factor in realizing ambient superconductor technology lies mostly with the technique of cooling a selective and predetermined recipe of ceramic materials.

The ElectraCopter is a single-seat ultralight electric helicopter. At 150 lbs empty with batteries, it will fit into the 254 lb limit USA ultralight category for unlicensed aircraft. It can be potentially used in other categories and in other countries, depending on regulations and design criteria.

Electric Car Driving Range Extension by a Towed Generator System

PROBLEM: Many potential buyers of electric cars are very concerned about the driving range. These buyers occasionally have to make trips which are beyond the 35- 65 mile range of most pure electric vehicles.

Electrical automobiles may be the best answer to minimize greenhouse gasses and decrease the cost of commuting. While electrical automobiles have been around for a long time, the current designs are best for short trips around the city. Ideally,

My idea will spare the air. Firefighters can use these vehicles for hard to reach and unsafe areas. The vehicle will operate on clean electric energy. The power source will not run off of fossil fuels.

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