To prevent delay in travel time, accidents, and destruction of road surfaces I recommend using heated roads. To achieve this I suggest using a conductive grid layed just under the roadway surface at the time of resurfacing or new construction.

The Invention is about the control of access to doorless area where electromechanical barriers are used to keep the area apart. The Innovation is designed as a single-spiral barrier, the function of which is to let persons through into a protected area.

A high volume, high power, family and taxi-cab transporter.

Strong aluminum construction, integrated eletric propulsion, ecological range extender (hydrogen or liquid methanole fuel cells, or simply gas/diesel generator set).

A true future proposition for family cars, yielding full capacity for 9 passengers: Father, Mother, three children,

It is getting to be more and more of a significant problem for governments, industrials and the eco-system itself that known transportation systems do not provide the market between fast airplanes with small payloads and slow ships with weighty payloads. Without affecting the eco-system with harbors, rails,

The aim of this project is to design a highway police service vehicle with regard to the equipment suitable for the duty performance of the highway police of the Czech Republic.

This special, fast vehicle for highway surveillance isn’t marked with the symbols of the Czech Republic Police; on the contrary,

I am building a hot air dirigible that has many uses. In small payload designs, the dirigible can be used by military and police departments for surveillance. In the radio controlled designs,

As petroleum becomes more expensive, worldwide more people will be using buses and trains to get around. A compact bicycle which can be carried easily on the bus, unfold quickly, and be comfortable to drive will enable people to reach the bus stops more rapidly.

Flapping winged flight is the most efficient means of transportation in the natural world; consider that birds migrate thousands of miles on very little energy. Since Da Vinci men have dreamed of emulating the elegance of birds.

Future cars require significant improvements in fuel consumption, emissions and safety. So far, they have been obtained through a more than proportional increase in complexity and cost. The new hydrostatic powertrain shows drastic improvements in all three areas and for reduced costs.

The Hydristor retrofit is intended to convert existing vehicles into full hydraulic hybrids. There are some 250 million vehicles already on the roads. The energy spent to manufacture them is already expended and they use too much fuel and create considerable CO2 emissions.

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