(Also, “VIP,” “Vacuum Lifting System,” “VLS”)
The system illustrated in the accompanying diagrams is intended as a supplement to the basic design of current VSTOL systems, specifically intending the practical implementation of such systems for use in consumer aircraft. The supplement is simple,

This invention deals with an electronically controllable Variable Valve Lift System for internal combustion engines.

This system is a mechanical transmission having the capability of varying the lift of the intake and/or exhaust poppet valves while the engine is running and when varying its working conditions.

Imagine you are driving on a freeway and encounter a car in front that’s rapidly changing lanes with bursts of acceleration….cars in side lanes and those behind are taken by surprise and finally there’s a crash on I-402

We created a “machine” entity, Vehicle Accident Prevention System (VAPS),

This wheelchair is inspired by racing cars and skate boards and designed for children. As an alternative to traditional wheelchair, Velomaxx is powered by arms. Therefore, every child, even kids with a disability who can’t use his/her legs, can enjoy a sportive yet comfortable ride.

Wireless power systems, such as inductive power transfer (IPT), can be installed at airports to power aircraft while idling at gates and on taxiways. This would eliminate the need to run jet engines to power stationary aircraft,

Yes I know this is NASA but this is really simple. Efficiency is better! Diesel engines have been around for 100 years. They have improved but are reaching a point of diminishing return. Their fundamental process is the same – combustion in a cylinder that pushes a piston.

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