Inertial Propulsion requires no propellant or jets to produce motion. Motion is produced by what Dr. Eric Laithwaite termed Motion-by-Mass-Transfer (MMT) (Horizontal Motion=HMT, Vertical=VMT). Its principle of operation relies on spinning horizontally precessing flywheels having reduced inertia in the direction of precession.

Designs for launching payloads to orbit rely on expendable liquid kerosone or hydrogen fuel sources. This is a costly due to the high cost of design and construction of ultra light weight tanks using aluminum-lithium alloys.

Sky Train Corporation created an Innovative Transit and Alternative Energy System that conserves natural resources and improves quality of life. The Sustainable SOAR300 is technologically advanced electric transportation for moving people and freight, originally funded by The Technological Research and Development Authority. It’s powered by wind, solar,

There is a need, and also a way, to reduce the cost per mile traveled by a factor of five while improving safety and reducing the time for travel. This design is the foundation of such a vision.

Use same technology as wireless network or bluetooth or cell phone (but only need short range) or similar method, at each cross road, or in each cell region, set up a wireless receiver which can communicate with cars going through that cross road or cell region.

If you live in a smaller town you are all too familiar with waiting at stop lights, sometimes thru more than 1 cycle.

The grand objective of this invention is to minimize traffic congestion problem everywhere and to deliver savings in time, fuel, productivity and mental well being of the society. With increasing population, convergence of demographic towards urban areas and increasing fuel costs,

It is common in an internal-combustion engine for the piston with rings to move down during the power stroke under the influence of gas pressure. At the same time the piston pushes a connecting rod and thus rotates the crankshaft.

L3 is a one-man urban electric vehicle, designed and built for the tourist sector, you won´t need walk long distances. It can also be used in the industrial and business sector to move indoors.

This "Lifting Fuselage" design, inspired by Vincent Justus Burnelli, is a scalable aircraft design that can be used for multiple applications.

From UAV's to air taxis to airliners to super and hypersonic planes to space transports, this design is more simple, scalable,

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