Crane operator is so far removed from the ground and the load, he cannot see any obstacles that may be in the way. The spotter helps spot for the operator by keeping a watch for any problems and radioing instructions to the crane operator. With constant radio contact,

FEAMAC is a software package developed and released by NASA-GRC for the design and analysis of structures composed of arbitrary multiphase composite materials be they ceramic, metallic or polymer based and continuously or discontinuously reinforced.

Most tow trucks now being manufactured include means of lifting and towing vehicles by engaging the tires, axle, or suspension of the towed vehicle, lifting and securing the towed vehicle to these means before transporting the towed vehicle from the load site.

Covering the box of a pick-up truck causes you to sacrifice the function for form. You may have to remove the accessory when you need to perform different tasks. This creates a need to storage of the accessory when it is not on the truck.

All aeroplane Turbojet engines have no protective grill in the front to prevent any foreign particles from being sucked into the engine when the aeroplane is in motion.

Safety in small aircraft has been an issue since the beginning of flight, especially for lightweight engine powered personal airplanes also known as ultralight/microlight aircrafts. Currently these ultralights are rapidly transforming into high performance aircraft for recreational use with a very respectable speed and range.

This design responds to concerns regarding electric car solutions (battery, mileage per charge, charging the batteries.. etc.) it also responds to congestion problems and provides mobility to underage, elderly,

Congested urban areas need mass transit the worst and are by far the most difficult to introduce mass transit to. This is do to existing development, high land cost, right-off-way issues, unpopularity of imminent domain, etc.

My idea is for a co-axial light helicopter/UAV powered by two V-twin engines driving gears attacthed to co-axial shafts and also driving a swiveling tail rotor either through gears and shafts or an electric motor.

We submitted the patent application for this invention on March 18, 2003 under ? 4192/01/-- 003.

But all experts have told us, that it is idiocy: low pressure inside a wing makes nothing - elevating force is a result of a difference of pressure around a wing.

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