This is my concept of a "purely for fun" sea plane. Designed for open-air fun around the lake, it will be the aviation equivalent of a jet-ski. Use of much carbon fiber, spars of prefabricated carbon pultrusions, 100 h.p. pusher engine,

Due to the lack of natural predators, the populations of many animals have steadily encroached into suburban settings. These animals, most notably deer, have become a significant hazard to drivers leading to many accidents and deaths.

This will be a car that floats on air from negative magnets on the bottom of the car and positive magnets on the front of the car to pull it and negative magnets on the back of the car to push it.

The Project idea is for developing economy nations where roads are being built. Many times due to lack of proper sweeping and road cleaning screws nails and bolts and other iron parts get scattered on the road and lead to accidents due to puncture or tyre burst.

Since its early days, the invention of the car changed the way human life was conceived. Distances were shortened, traveling was more comfortable and year after year technological development went further on in order to improve them. Engines, fuel,

MERSEA is a transport vessel for marine aquaculture systems, with the primary goal to re-establish large shoals of marine fish.

The method behind MERSEA is primarily the incremental restoration of depleted marine resource overtime. The vessel includes various hatcheries for marine organisms, including but not limited to fish,

My idea solves the problem of pollution, engine longevity, and vehicle range (unlimited). This idea also has the added benefit of more engine power. There is currently nothing quite like it on the market.

I would suggest that this technology be applied to Trucks, Taxis, Aircraft,

Invention is a set of automatically or manually inflatable clear mylar bags of specific contour to enhance the aerodynamic efficiency of a rapidly-moving vehicle at speeds where the energy consumption of propulsion is dominated by vehicular wind drag.

How many times have you seen this happen: a clump of a dozen vehicles are cruising along a major 4 lane street and 1 car on a side street approaches a red "smart" traffic light.

Electric motors used in electric vehicles are not efficient at all speeds, but instead are only efficient at a narrow range of speeds. It turns out that electric motors have what’s called an efficiency motor curve that shows a graphical representation of how efficient a motor is different speeds.

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