A personal transportation system designed to move 2 people locally with power stored in batteries, produced from pedal generators and on-board solar panels.

Turn signal related issues are included in virtually all lists of driver’s pet peeves. Although every car and truck is built with turn signals and every driver is obliged by law to use them, many drivers neglect to use them. Also,

Trenitalia did some research efforts to develop Ethernet based networks suited for the on board train harsh environment and identified the main technical challenges to deal with such a sophisticated mobile local area network:
• fault tolerant local area network
• topology constraints due to train architecture
• data

According to the present invention (INDIAN PATENT FILED: 2227/DEL/2006) we use energy, conveniently in the form of laser or other energy rays to increase the thermal energy or to decrease the density of a common medium.

A fundamentally new system of transportation, originally conceived in 2007, is described herein.

This system, called "feather rail," is different from cars, trains, or bicycles, but is most similar to a combination of the latter two. The most essential component is the infrastructure: we specify a steel rail,

An aircraft cockpit canopy/windshield embedded/inlaid with a precision milled aerodynamically perforated fine (thin-slender) flowing smooth titanium or other strong metal composition mesh, jet engine intake port with a precision milled aerodynamically perforated spiraling down-sloping furrowing fine (thin-slender) flowing smooth titanium/other strong metal composition mesh,

This is my concept of a flying saucer's propulsion system. This is a shaftless turbine fan. The fan hovers sandwiched at the axis extreme between an opposing magnetic system, which provides frictionless bearing support.

So far, it has been impossible to get emissions of gasoline/diesel engines down do 0%. With the Fully Internal Combustion System though, it can do just that. But first,

Gravito-Magnetic-Lumina-Fusion Engine with Time Stop Machine.

It requires four Nano-lasers (cooled by liquid nitrogen as they strike the superconductor) arrays at 90 degrees around the sphere to focus on atoms to rotate a spherical superconductor at the speed of light.

In recent decades there has been a population shift to suburban neighborhoods and rural areas where public transportation infrastructure can be expensive and/or unpractical. At the same time, increasing energy costs and growing concern about pollution has led to a need for improved transportation solutions.

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