The SCOUT (friendly fire notification device)
Safety and Security Device
Concept and design by Warren W. Crowell

This invention/design idea solves several problems where notification, location and identification is pertinent and crucial.

The potential benefits of this device are that it provides an immediate, battery powered, communicative locating and identification system.

This device improves the conditions in which human life can be identified within obstructed or chaotic situations such as battle-zone combat, game hunting, fire fighting or wherever there’s a need for personnel identification. Currently, to my research knowledge, there is no such like device in use, commercially, militarily, or otherwise.

This idea can be applied within the law enforcement agencies, fire fighting, ...

The Type II is a small leaning vehicle that combines the maneuverability of a motorcycle with the safety and stability of a car. It employs an innovative direct-link leaning mechanism that allows it to shift its center of gravity into a turn. This allows the vehicle to have a narrow track for efficiency in a straight away while maintaining stability by widening its track in turns without complicated servos or actuators.

Problem and Existing Technology
Urban populations are increasing and cities are running out of room to accommodate the increasing number of commuters. We must use the existing infrastructure more efficiently by designing vehicles highly specialized for use and environment. Most commuters travel alone, so designing a steamlined ...

Texting and reading a web-page are not comfortable paradigms for accessing information, especially when mobile. The Verbal Internet changes this radically. Using the heavy compute power that will become available via the ‘cloud,’ a smart phone can couple a speaker to voice recognition software, interpret queries or actions, and respond verbally. The technology is mostly available, though integration is not.

Now, this is not just reading a page of Google results out loud. The pain level would be way too high! The Verbal Internet (VI) requires that both queries and response be concise and useful, and that navigation through unwanted junk be easy. This means a different type of web page. As an example, when I ask Google “What ...

The Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Propulsion concept is a recently developed adaptation to the Pulsed Turbine Rotor Engine and The Pulsed Turbine Jet Propulsion concept that was introduced to the 2008 Create the Future Design Contest. Please click on hyperlink below:

The transvector jet principle with optional water spray/steam thrust booster was envisioned to ensure ample thrust to vertically launch a VTOL jet propelled vehicle and speed up its transition to horizontal flight. This innovative idea could expedite the vehicle’s transition to horizontal flight from a vertical launch and consume less conventional fuel in the process.

Applying the same principle introduced by the Pulsed Turbine VTOL Gyro-Stabilized Jet Propulsion Platform, four identical Pulsed Turbine Jet Engines are linked ...


The Walking Charger™ from Energy Harvesters LLC incorporates an innovative approach to collecting energy from human motion, using the pressure of the human footfall to drive a Faraday generator. This elegant design increases the power output, decreases the complexity, and improves reliability over existing designs.


Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices, and becoming dependent on them. The experience of being out of battery power when we are away from a wall plug has moved beyond inconvenience. We have come to expect access to our devices for communications, reminders, meeting details, and directions. The Walking Charger™ can recharge our mobile devices when we are away from convenient wall sockets, when the value of battery power is at its ...

Virtual Assault Gaming System is a, patent pending, PC based Arcade Machine. It is compatible with most major gaming titles and numerous online games that are first person shooter games such as Medal of Honor, Doom, Black Ops, Combat Arms, etc.

It is not to be confused with a MAME Arcade system which is typically a PC based system running emulators or arcade style games such as pac-man.

The Virtual Assault Gaming System is a time based free play system in which the user is allotted so much time per coins inserted to play the latest PC Games in an entirely new and unique way that will immerse the player into the action like they have never experienced before!


This design idea started with the studying of the basic principle of the electrostatic engine developed by Benjamin Franklin and Andrew Gordon, which works by the attraction forces existing between electrical charges of different sign. Also, the study and development of this design idea has been based on theories like Ohm law, Faraday law, Coulomb law, Gauss Law and among others physic fundaments to reach good and promising theoretical results.

The theoretical electrostatic engine (figure 1), works with conductive elements electrically charged with the same or different electrical sign. The innovating issue is that those elements must have an electrical insulator with high volumetric resistivity, to reduce the electric charge decay, ensuring that the interaction will last much longer ...

The Thermo-Electric-Converter employs a thermally motivated electro-chemical reaction to cause electrical current.

The system works by thermally decomposing a certain solution (Chemical X), from liquid into 3 distinct gases. Upon the condensation of one gas, one of the remainder two gases is dissolved into the condensate (Solution A), allowing the remaining gas (Gas Z) to be separated and stored, for use later. Likewise Solution A can be stored in a reservoir.

To harness electrical current the Thermo-Electric-Converter (TEC) employs the exothermic recombination of Solution A and Gas Z to reform Chemical X, upon this reaction the chemical potential stored energy in the bonds can be observed as current across an anode and cathode. Upon recombination large pressure differentials are ...

Crane operator is so far removed from the ground and the load, he cannot see any obstacles that may be in the way. The spotter helps spot for the operator by keeping a watch for any problems and radioing instructions to the crane operator. With constant radio contact, a crane can transport heavy equipment with ease.

The Cameras can be attached to the Helmet of the Spotter, Worker etc. and display to the Crane operator Cabin. The Operator can see clearly through the cameras instead of relying on the two way radio Communication between Worker or Spotters which are very difficult. This system is very useful when accurate movement of material is ...


My idea is simple.

Hijackers take control of airplanes by forcing their way into the cockpits by physical means or threatening to kill passengers or crew if the crew does not unlock the door between the passenger cabin and the cockpit.

Take away the door between the cabin and the cockpit and that takes away completely the threat of hijackers taking over control of the plane by force or coersion.

If they can't get into the cockpit...they cannot take over the control of the plane.

Yes, they can still blow up a plane if they can get bombs past security, but they cannot hijack the plane.

This idea was turned ...

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