Description: A small unit that runs ahead of a train to monitor the tracks for track damage or danger.

This unit would run far enough in front of the train to alert the train of any danger and allow it to stop.

The “Track Runner” would be equipped with a camera and sensors in the wheels to detect problems and others sensors that would inspect the track condition. It would be a great device to detect terror attacks.

The “Track Runner” could also alert the train of any crossings problems. This would provide a greater degree of protection for the rail system.

The “Track Runner” could be powered by electric or a small diesel engine.

Equipment aboard ...

The Trekr Quatro Hitch© is an innovative and simple trailer hitch design that provides up to four different hitch attachments available in one unit. One need only rotate the hitch assembly to have desired attachment at the bottom, available for use, once assembly is secured to the receiver.

The trailer hitch design also houses a rear-view camera in the center of the mounting shaft, to allow for a direct-line-view when attaching to a trailer. The box outer shape of the hitch also serves as an additional place to step on when manipulating a trailer or boat. The housing also offers excellent protection for the camera and various hitch ...


The present invention relates to a medical device for minimally invasive procedures and particularly to an image sensor to be used in such a procedure.


An aspect of some embodiments of the present invention relates to a compact distal tip for mounting on a TEE probe.

This new integrated medical device would reduce risks involve with potential injuries throughout and subsequent to examination of cardiac patient during ultrasound imaging scan and reduce the consequence involve with employ of TEE probe.


Exemplary non-limiting embodiments of the invention will be described with reference to the following description of the embodiments, in conjunction ...

Trans Wind Energy Generation
A Fresh Concept for Renewable Energy

Trans Wind Energy Generation (TWEG), patent pending, uses energy captured by fixed wing/sails traversing elevated cables to energize potor/generators riding along suspended cables which direct energy to the power grid. Richard Harrington, President of Harrington Electronics LLC, is the innovator behind this new concept as one of his many innovative products commercialized over 45 years of developing electronic products for the sports and medical fields. The concept is equivalent to sailing along cables and comes from the genesis of combining efficient, sustainable wind energy generation with the collateral benefit of moving passenger and freight in commuter modules. Sail area is proportional with horse power so large sail/wing areas will ...

Covering the box of a pick-up truck causes you to sacrifice the function for form. You may have to remove the accessory when you need to perform different tasks. This creates a need to storage of the accessory when it is not on the truck. In some ways choosing the right pick up truck box accessory can be like a game of rock, paper scissors... A low profile Tonneau cover gives aerodynamics, and sleek looks but severely limits the truck box capacity, an enclosed topper allows for hauling security and larger capacity but restricts vision and alters the appearance of the truck, finally, box extension rails give high hauling capacity but create wind resistance and allows for the weather ...

By "Merging Waves" together to create "Electromagnetic Molds"
so that electrons and positrons (holes) hold into certain configurations that would allow Quantum fluid like logical control of atoms and molecules and particles, allowing a more precise production of sensors and electronic circuits.


The Idea Uses Positive and Negative waves that are merged together using special transducers
and antennas within an air core; inside as the waves merge the circuit is created by stabilizing the polarity's into the above "YouTube" video configurations. There are millions of configurations possible. Making millions of circuits possible that can change as to meet to the ...

Nature always has the solution to every problem, we need only to observe and investigate. This is why I have in mind that with burns, especially third-degree that leave extensive scars on the body, skin cannot form naturally in reaction to the environment or to the contact with the environment. Instead what forms is a skin elasticity, thick, poorly formed.

But if we are discussing having the patient stay in an environment that contains amniotic fluid their skin may form, to remember the cells its interaction with the amniotic fluid in the womb.
In this way in the body the same cells may develop, without being exposed to the pressure of the external environment, nor to any kind of surface ...

The Tsunami Survival Capsule is designed to save lives during a Tsunami event. It is designed and stressed using Aerospace Engineering methods of analysis for load cases such as initial Tsunami impact, large debris impact, sharp object penetration and many more. The capsule resides on a stand beside the residence covered by a shroud colored to suit the environment. A bright color is used to aid recovery. The function of the capsule is to ride the Tsunami, rather than run from it.

The capsule is highly manufacturable. It can be fabricated from 80% recycled materials, such as aluminum and plastic. Injection molding and hydro forming fabrication will help reduce joints, fabrication time and cost. The joints would ...

Brain tumors include all tumors inside the cranium or in the central spinal canal. Protected by the skull, early detection of a brain tumor only occurs when diagnostic tools are directed at the intracranial cavity. Detection occurs when the tumor is in an advanced stage significantly reduces the chance of successful treatment.

In 2005, Americans were afflicted with 43,800 new cases of brain tumors which accounted for 1.4 percent of all cancers, 2.4 percent of all cancer deaths, and 20–25 percent of pediatric cancers. Brain tumors cause 13,000 deaths per year in the United States.

The prognosis of brain cancer varies based on the type of cancer. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgical resection usually provide good outcomes with medulloblastoma. Patients ...

All aeroplane Turbojet engines have no protective grill in the front to prevent any foreign particles from being sucked into the engine when the aeroplane is in motion. If a bird comes close to the Turbojet engine the bird gets sucked in and crushed and this will result in malfunctioning of the engine and can lead to disaster in mid air or during landing at the airport runway.

My idea is to provide a protective grill in the front of the Turbojet engine. In my first idea the concept is similar to the opening of a flower. The protection grill has perforations for the continuous air supply to the engine during running conditions. It will also open and close ...

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