The Trekr Quatro Hitch© is an innovative and simple trailer hitch design that provides up to four different hitch attachments available in one unit. One need only rotate the hitch assembly to have desired attachment at the bottom, available for use, once assembly is secured to the receiver.


The present invention relates to a medical device for minimally invasive procedures and particularly to an image sensor to be used in such a procedure.

Trans Wind Energy Generation
A Fresh Concept for Renewable Energy

Trans Wind Energy Generation (TWEG), patent pending, uses energy captured by fixed wing/sails traversing elevated cables to energize potor/generators riding along suspended cables which direct energy to the power grid. Richard Harrington, President of Harrington Electronics LLC,

Covering the box of a pick-up truck causes you to sacrifice the function for form. You may have to remove the accessory when you need to perform different tasks. This creates a need to storage of the accessory when it is not on the truck.

By "Merging Waves" together to create "Electromagnetic Molds"
so that electrons and positrons (holes) hold into certain configurations that would allow Quantum fluid like logical control of atoms and molecules and particles, allowing a more precise production of sensors and electronic circuits.

Nature always has the solution to every problem, we need only to observe and investigate. This is why I have in mind that with burns, especially third-degree that leave extensive scars on the body,

The Tsunami Survival Capsule is designed to save lives during a Tsunami event. It is designed and stressed using Aerospace Engineering methods of analysis for load cases such as initial Tsunami impact, large debris impact, sharp object penetration and many more.

Brain tumors include all tumors inside the cranium or in the central spinal canal. Protected by the skull, early detection of a brain tumor only occurs when diagnostic tools are directed at the intracranial cavity.

All aeroplane Turbojet engines have no protective grill in the front to prevent any foreign particles from being sucked into the engine when the aeroplane is in motion.

A patent-pending ENERGY SAVING TV IMAGE CONTROL SYSTEM called TV Green Key is an innovation that will help bring new and old TV sets to the required energy savings stated by the California Energy Commission (CEC) in the 2009 California Efficiency Standards for Televisions,

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