U B Kool is a Permanent Ice Cube! When anybody feels hot and if he/she is at home then that person will open the refrigerator, grab an Ice Cube and place it on their forehead, cheeks and neck for few seconds. This gives the needed Cool Relief.

The emergence of 24bit recordings has further increased the accuracy of audio material, lowering the THD+N (total harmonic distortion plus noise) at more than -120dB below the audio signal. For transparent sound reproduction,

Safety in small aircraft has been an issue since the beginning of flight, especially for lightweight engine powered personal airplanes also known as ultralight/microlight aircrafts. Currently these ultralights are rapidly transforming into high performance aircraft for recreational use with a very respectable speed and range.

My idea: an Ultralight SCUBA Diving Device or C.U.B.A. -- for Compact Ultralight Breathing Apparatus. It's essentially a low-tech, no frills, pure oxygen Recreational Rebreather for shallow water diving on vacations. SCUBA diving rigs are heavy, bulky, complicated, expensive and waste about 95% of their compressed breathing gas.

Ultrasonic Flashlight

What problem does your design idea solve?

This product is a navigational aid for visually impaired persons. It helps the visually impaired to better understand their surroundings and navigate more safely within their environment.

What are the potential benefits?

The Unbutton is a template with holes where buttons appear on a touch sensitive monitor. It is designed and constructed of materials so that it floats over the touch sensitive surface.

Touch typists can more naturally use an Unbutton than a touch panel's featureless surface.

With the United States Rain Force we can put an end to out of control forest and grass fires.

As consumers switch to high efficiency LED-based light bulbs in their homes, an exciting possibility is created - color control!

Controlling color can be done with existing electrical wiring and minimal cost by replacing the wall switch in a particular room with a multifunction digital dimmer control.

It is estimated that nearly 2 billion people are using the Internet. Recent studies have shown that news and information are just as important to many of these users as entertainment or shopping.

The UMRS is a system for recycling or reclaiming any material, natural or man made. The UMRS first uses extreme heat to break down these materials to the elements from which they were made, then separates them, allowing the purified elementary matter to be reused in any agricultural, chemical or industrial application.

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