A patent-pending ENERGY SAVING TV IMAGE CONTROL SYSTEM called TV Green Key is an innovation that will help bring new and old TV sets to the required energy savings stated by the California Energy Commission (CEC) in the 2009 California Efficiency Standards for Televisions, the most stringent bill of its kind anywhere in the world.

TV Green Key is a remote-receiver device that will permit significant energy savings in televisions and the creation of carbon credits by providing a simple way to take out video from television, while only leaving audio on. Our tests demonstrate that televisions consume up to 67% less electricity when using TV Green Key. This device can come as a stand-alone unit for ...

U B Kool is a Permanent Ice Cube! When anybody feels hot and if he/she is at home then that person will open the refrigerator, grab an Ice Cube and place it on their forehead, cheeks and neck for few seconds. This gives the needed Cool Relief.

The problem is it is not easy to find ice wherever/whenever. U B Kool is a cell phone size electronic device which uses 30 BTU solid state cooling chip in conjunction with 4 AA size rechargeable batteries.

By the press of a button, a smooth blue aluminum disc gets cold, closer to freezing temperature. Like an electric shaver, place it on cheeks, etc.

Heaven sent opportunity for millions of golfers, beach/picnic enthusiasts, ...

The emergence of 24bit recordings has further increased the accuracy of audio material, lowering the THD+N (total harmonic distortion plus noise) at more than -120dB below the audio signal. For transparent sound reproduction, designers are challenged to reduce the THD+N of existing power amplifiers 10 to 50 times to meet the new THD+N milestone.

We illustrate a class AB power amplifier (UFI), which according to SPICE simulations may reach a THD+N of -130dB (0.00005% THD+N) at 20kHz into a 4ohm load when configured with a gain of 20. Measurements on a prototype show that the performance depends on the circuit board’s layout and choice of electronic components.

Here are some key design aspects of UFI:

1) Simple, compact and ...

Safety in small aircraft has been an issue since the beginning of flight, especially for lightweight engine powered personal airplanes also known as ultralight/microlight aircrafts. Currently these ultralights are rapidly transforming into high performance aircraft for recreational use with a very respectable speed and range. Electric powered ultralights have started to replace gasoline engines for these small aircraft, allowing a practical use of electric power systems for flying applications. Looking back at aircraft history, in 1921 aviator Vincent Justus Burnelli patented an airfoil shaped airframe to increase lift and load capacity of aircraft. Forward this time frame to the mid 1960s, Dale Reed from NASA began experimenting with lifting bodies by creating space entry aircraft such as the X-24A, ...

My idea: an Ultralight SCUBA Diving Device or C.U.B.A. -- for Compact Ultralight Breathing Apparatus. It's essentially a low-tech, no frills, pure oxygen Recreational Rebreather for shallow water diving on vacations. SCUBA diving rigs are heavy, bulky, complicated, expensive and waste about 95% of their compressed breathing gas. SCUBA uses compressed air consisting of approximately 78% Nitrogen which is unusable, and of the remaining 21% (Oxygen), only 1/5 is used by the diver before being exhaled. SCUBA rigs are also too bulky and heavy to be taken as carry-on luggage when traveling on airlines.

My simple pure oxygen recreational rebreather, however, is compact, lightweight, capable of flying as carry-on luggage when vacationing, and easy to use. SCUBA is designed ...

Ultrasonic Flashlight

What problem does your design idea solve?

This product is a navigational aid for visually impaired persons. It helps the visually impaired to better understand their surroundings and navigate more safely within their environment.

What are the potential benefits?

Gives a more comprehensive view of local surroundings than the white-cane it replaces.

How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?

Using the sonic flashlight, after training, the user can “visualize” his or her surroundings. The plasticity of the human brain results in the creation of a mental model of the user's surroundings using the aural information contained in the reflected ultrasonic signal. See; http://www.tgdaily.com/general-sciences-features/56197-blind-people-can-echolocate-using-visual-center-of-brain

Where would this idea be ...

The Unbutton is a template with holes where buttons appear on a touch sensitive monitor. It is designed and constructed of materials so that it floats over the touch sensitive surface.

Touch typists can more naturally use an Unbutton than a touch panel's featureless surface.

The Unbutton is installed by sliding over the touchscreen device. It masks off one edge, two edges or the entire touchscreen surface, depending upon the applet or gaming environment in use.

The split slide-over version can be held in place using attached elastic bands

A frame built into the touchscreen surface could accept a flat Unbutton designed for the purpose. A variety of Unbuttons could be holstered with or in the device for storage.


With the United States Rain Force we can put an end to out of control forest and grass fires. This is a force of 100 or more purpose built airplanes that can dump 17 tons of water every 20 seconds on or in front of the fire line in a highly synchronized multiple water drops effort. With the U.S. Rain Force on the job this water bombing effort would remain in effect till the fire is out enough for ground crews to mop up. The purpose built airplanes will be able to scoop up water from a near by ocean, lake, or river due to its ability to land and take off at 45 miles per hour. This is ...

As consumers switch to high efficiency LED-based light bulbs in their homes, an exciting possibility is created - color control!

Controlling color can be done with existing electrical wiring and minimal cost by replacing the wall switch in a particular room with a multifunction digital dimmer control. The control behaves similar to a traditional dimmer control, except it has color control in addition to dimming control.

Unlike a conventional incandescent dimmer control which reduces the voltage to dim the bulbs, the multifunction dimmer control sends digital commands to the smart LED light bulbs on its circuit.

Because there are many manufacturers of smart LED light bulbs, a standard control protocol is used, allowing consumers to replace bulbs with any ...

It is estimated that nearly 2 billion people are using the Internet. Recent studies have shown that news and information are just as important to many of these users as entertainment or shopping.

Search engines are the only workable way to find information on the internet when the user doesn't already know what URL(s) to use. But the standard search engine interface consists of a single line for entry of key words, and commonly returns thousands of suggested links. For serious researchers, students, workers and citizens trying to become better-informed, this search paradigm wastes time. They need a way to narrow down their searches quickly without learning how to use logical operators, special characters, etc.

This suggests the need ...

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