Wireless power systems, such as inductive power transfer (IPT), can be installed at airports to power aircraft while idling at gates and on taxiways. This would eliminate the need to run jet engines to power stationary aircraft,

I am proud to have designed the first functional artificial finger for amputees; called X-Fingers. These simple yet effective tools enable finger amputees to control the movement of each replaced phalange. The devices move as quickly as real fingers restoring considerable strength and dexterity.

U.S. patent 7,976,267: “Helix Turbine System and Energy Production Means” is a modified helical vertical axis wind turbine. The invention was designed to be mounted on the peaks of roofs, edges of buildings,

In the United States, only 15% of available donor lungs are transplanted into critical recipients due to the associated damage to the organs from the traumatic death event.

Yes I know this is NASA but this is really simple. Efficiency is better! Diesel engines have been around for 100 years. They have improved but are reaching a point of diminishing return. Their fundamental process is the same – combustion in a cylinder that pushes a piston.

A Zero Degree Turning Building Periphery Dispenser, an inexpensive method and process improvement for dispensing liquid sealer and liquid tar or any heavy mixed liquidized compound around the base and edge of a home or business structure’s foundation.


I think it was Bob Dylan who once said " If you want to be truly subversive, you can't tell anyone." It is that premise that inspired this method to transform the suburban American landscape. For many years,

Creating a cleaner, healthier, safer world where you may never have to buy gasoline or diesel fuel again, where you could get a check from the electric company instead of a bill and where nuclear power will be unnecessary. Sustainable economies without pain or sacrifice.

Zinkbag is a portable printing solution based on the revolutionary Zink technology. In the digital age, where boundaries merge and convergence is the key, there's always an increasing requirement for technology on-demand, for making lives better by doing things better.

Change in the cell and tissue structure of a Zinc/Copper Potato Cell by means of boiling and irreversible electroporation was found to increase the power generated by the cell[1].

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