Overview: The Explorer is a backpack gyrocopter and the gateway to safe reliable personal and utility flight. Most commuters going anywhere typically drive alone. This is taking a toll on our environment, road systems, and current economics.

As recent events in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, and Japan have shown us, being able to communicate with the outside world is incredibly vital. the Flexible INternet Globally Enabled Router (or F.I.N.G.E.R.

We all use a lot of energy. So why don’t we generate it where we consume it, in our cities and in our buildings?

This simple efficient optical tracker offers three major advantages when compared with conventional systems: a higher absorption of solar flux,

The visual impact of one of today's small advertising blimps is awesome. The grandeur of a dirigible of yesteryear is legendary.

The "Great Big Gun" is a heavy lift orbital launch system designed to "shoot" large payloads to LEO. This is the "railroad" to space designed to provide low cost delivery of materials and equipment into orbit.

This revolutionary, continuously spinning, 360 degree panoramic, holographic,

Energy is the power of mankind. By creating surplus power from fossil fuels mankind was able to leap forward from the Dark Ages. Food, housing, jobs, abundance comes as a measure of available sources of energy. Not everyone everywhere has the same advantages, yet,

It's probably safe to say that almost everyone who's ever bought a bottle of wine and failed to finish it upon opening has experienced its rapid degradation while trying to save it for another day.

Seventy-four million Americans snore every night and 28 million Americans are disturbed by snorers and suffer daytime fatigue. Sixty to seventy percent of shift workers have difficulty sleeping during the day and are often interrupted by noise, light, telephones, family members and other distractions.

The SCOUT (friendly fire notification device)
Safety and Security Device
Concept and design by Warren W. Crowell

This invention/design idea solves several problems where notification, location and identification is pertinent and crucial.

The potential benefits of this device are that it provides an immediate, battery powered,

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