FEAMAC is a software package developed and released by NASA-GRC for the design and analysis of structures composed of arbitrary multiphase composite materials be they ceramic, metallic or polymer based and continuously or discontinuously reinforced.

A team of Cornell engineers developed a patented technology, the TO:CMA Spherical Generator, that creates copious amounts of clean electricity out of ocean waves at costs below all major existing renewable energy sources. The design was elaborated to defy the global rise in energy demand,

You hoped for an idea that could generate new jobs, help the environment, or improve our health and safety; this entry does all three. It crosses several categories, certainly impacting sustainable technologies, but also electronics and machinery and equipment.

TOPCRIC - "FOOD PACKAGING" opening, pouring and sealing improved packaging of solid products, grain and feed dust,

A visual, tactile, and topographical user interface device.
The device consists of a 2-dimensional array of millimeter-scale sensor-actuator elements, covered by a flexible and crush-resistant display layer. It senses forces applied by the user and actuates to change its topography in response.

1. Problem the Design Solves: Extremely dangerous and disruptive tornadoes result in hundreds of deaths and injuries, destruction of homes and businesses, and financial and personal losses in millions in the U.S. alone. There is NO current solution to this severe problem!!!

This solution is novel!


The Tourniquet Coupling Device was designed from the perspective of patient comfort, patient safety, ease of use, disposability and low cost. All of these objectives have been met – thus dramatically enhancing the use of disposable latex and latex-free tourniquets.

Most tow trucks now being manufactured include means of lifting and towing vehicles by engaging the tires, axle, or suspension of the towed vehicle, lifting and securing the towed vehicle to these means before transporting the towed vehicle from the load site.

Today, there are no physical or virtual boundaries to prevent intruders from gaining access to any sensitive data include Biometric data in free space, private sector, or government storage areas. The reason for using Biometric is to bridge the verification gap between human and machines.

Description: A small unit that runs ahead of a train to monitor the tracks for track damage or danger.

This unit would run far enough in front of the train to alert the train of any danger and allow it to stop.

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