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A handheld shower head fed by the traditional hose except with a reservoir for adding either bar soap or liquid soap, a switching valve to bypass the soap reservoir or not,

Tables most often have more than three legs and as a result, they sooner or later will rock because the legs do not come into contact with the floor uniformly. Furthermore, the problem may not be the table but the floor being undeven and irregular.

BlackStone Tablet PC

Can you imagine watching Avatar in 3D on your mobile Tablet PC this holiday season?

Imagine a handheld air conditioner, resembling a hair dryer, which one could carry around in a handbag or back pack to outdoor activities such as ball games, picnics or for walking about town. This design would enable the user to blow chilled air at the face,

The Mini Electric Timer if manufactured would allow consumers to set a different charging time for each of their personal electronic devices.

What problem does your design idea solve?

The Mini Electric Timer can prevent (1) overcharging of your electronic devices.

The planter brick wall is designed to be a combination of traditional masonry units combined with units that can hold plants and vegetation. The plants matched with the bricks require little, if any, soil, but they do need water and nutrients.

When the Pulsed Turbine duel tandem four-chambered rotor engine comes to fruition, it will display inherit redundancy characteristics, built-in safety features not found in other aviation engines. This design configuration brings two separated Pulsed Turbine Rotor Engines, (U.S. Patent: US 6,907,723 B1),

Hot beverage containers pose a difficult challenge to the everyday consumer.

The temperature of the drink can be just as important as the drink itself, but elevated temperatures can be dangerous. In order for someone to drink their beverage,

Turbo Tone®
A patented sound diffuser made for anyone using a 10" or 12" speaker to amplify a musical instrument. Designed to handle the frequencies between 7khz and 10khz at +90db levels.


The EDU-Book an instrument created to serve the student for the purposes of basic and extended learning in Mathematics, Languages and Critical Thinking. Other subjects may be included at the users' and teachers' options. The device is not game oriented.

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