Consumer Products

Ultra high efficiency LED light bubs and luminaires using a radically different patented method whereby a controlled constant current is generated from a zero voltage switched semi-resonant boost converter supplying a longer chain of small LED’s at very high power factor and virtually no EMI.

A simpler version of the telescope mounting shown here was first conceived as a father/daughter/son project at a local museum. The components were pre-cut and then later assembled in a class of about 8-10 scopes.

vDesk is a cloud-based service that creates a “digital place” on the Internet for receiving and storing your important and personal information. vDesk is accessed by users (Subscribers) as a personal website where they can receive documents of many different types from a variety of sources.

Did you ever want to play your favorite songs on a piano but did not find the correct notes? Did you ever want to learn music but never found time for it due to busy work schedule and other committments? No problem, because I have a solution.

I present the bin for municipal solid waste intended for cities with narrow streets (for example: Venice) where it is not possible to get close to the truck or boat.

Pathogens (including cholera bacterium) in drinking water and contaminated food cause infectious diarrhea, which contributes to the deaths of 3 million young children each year; Helminthic infections of multicellular organisms transmitted in water such as Lymphatic Filariasis affects more than 120 million people worldwide, mainly in India and Africa;

Woobie is a smart combination of a seat, rocking-chair and a table. Wobbie is made of two parts, resembling the shape of a jing and a jang.

The two parts can be used either separatelly or they can be connected by straps into a cylinder. As a cylinder,

The Challenge

X-ray radiation exposure is a major concern for millions of travelers, baggage handlers, and workers in the medical industry and industrial and homeland security sectors. In 2011 the European Union has banned backscatter machines in airports due to uncertain X-ray radiation exposure,

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