Consumer Products

The cooking pots that we use now have flat bottoms. These pots absorb certain amount of heat energy from the heat source from the bottom. This heat in turn is conducted to the water in the pot. This takes a certain amount of time to boil the water.

Pup-Pen was created primarily to enhance the process of social assimilation of a new puppy with its human family and into the home environment.

Pup-Pen primarily achieves this with its unique upward moving flexible gate that allows the owner to adjust the gate’s height, as needed,

The eyePad Stand is a tool, which provides hands-free, touch-screen interaction with an iPad. The non-skid base pad in conjunction with the base cone/pole stem process delivers balance and stability. Whether a finger touches in the middle of the iPad or on its corner,

The idea is cleaning an entire house in 5 minutes without manpower.

Consists of surface cleaning liquid, one emitter, and 4 collectors. To clean a room the emitter is placed nearby the center of the room.

Picture yourself skiing down a slope with wind chill 30 below or 100 feet below the surface of the ocean in SCUBA gear with a lighted 3" digital display fused into the material of your sleeve showing your speed of descent, caller ID from your I-Phone, time,

Floor Surface Safety Lamp

Walking and stumbling in the dark bedroom at night is a major cause of accidents in the home. Stepping on the dog, the child’s toy, forgotten shoes, or slipping on a slippery surface will tumble both the old and the young.

The insertion of garment hangers through narrow neck holes is a problem which is relevant in an industrial context, at clothing retail and in the household. Hangers must be repeatedly inserted or removed through the lower ends of garments or a button or two must be opened and closed.

Instant Cooling (Fast Freeze) & Instant Heating (Microwave) in one convenient attractive embodiment as a small home appliance. Insert a wine bottle, soda/beer cans and press a button. Cools in 3 minutes or less from room to refrigerated temperature.

Proper dental care is very important to an individual's overall health and general well-being. Additionally, proper brushing can significantly reduce the expense and discomfort of dental restorations, cleanings, and examinations - which is why there are now many mechanical aids available for cleaning teeth.

Our Funscooter is intended for three kinds of purposes:

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