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A problem of longstanding is availability of potable water and edible foodstuffs during/after natural disasters,e.g., floods, hurricanes, snow storms, etc.

This invention refers to a Flashlight and a Holster being a system that senses the conditions of use for the Flashlight and regulates the lighting modes in which such Flashlight will turn on.

The infrared (IR) toggle switch project described here aims to provide a control mechanism for electrical appliances that do not have remote operation features.

Reading laptop screens outside or on bright days can be difficult because the backlights can't compete with the brightness of daylight. So why not use that daylight to your advantage?

Like most people, when I bought a laptop I eagerly looked forward to using it outside. One quickly discovers that most laptops screens
are not up to the bright ambient light.

An object of the invention is to provide an apparatus and method for accurately and easily guiding a vehicle into a garage to a predetermined location.

A further object of the invention is to combine reliable ?State-of-the-art?

As many people by now realize, the traditional Edison 100W incandescent lamp (known as an "A19") is now no longer in production due to its low energy efficiency.

The invention concerns an electrodynamic loudspeaker driver for the reproduction of low frequencies in mid air, dust, gas or liquid.

Lum-EN is the first portable device able to harvest solar energy and deliver electrical energy on-demand employing organic luminescent solar concentrators (OLSCs). Thanks to this technology, high light-to-electricity efficiencies can be attained with little use of conventional solar cells.

Neutek USA announces all new "Best-In-Class" MagLUX™ SLM1-K7 24" LED Magnetic Task Lighting. MagLUX™ more universally known as ThinLUX™ is designed especially for most common steel cabinets, boxes, enclosures and shelving (e.g. Modular Metal Office Furniture).

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