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More and more remote controls clutter our living space these days. None of them is the same and look aesthetically appealing to me. Ever wondered how many buttons a remote control needs ? Some designers think a product is finished if they can't add more features.

Today there are a lot of gardening tools but many of them don't have good asthetics or have many parts that you need to replace constantly.

Cacto is a water spinning sprinkler for any garden that integrates in only two parts,

A cats tongue has barbs and moves food very well. When this physical characteristic is combined with canned food and a smooth sided bowl, the result is waste and mess. Cat's also occasionally pick up, partially chew, then drop food just outside of the bowl.

Most standard cat litter boxes fail to control odor. Electronic models are expensive and can malfunction; parts are difficult to clean. Other new or potentially new designs require outflow vents, which necessitate cutting into an outer wall.

CatherinaS presents autonomous indoor lighting that utilizes recent advances in LED technology. This luminaire is designed to be used as a compact light source with high efficiency, long life time and smart autonomous behavior. Due to its compact size, almost any design idea can be accommodated and realized.

Would you like to be able to pick an orange in your family room in the middle of winter? How about having a leading-edge, plus-net energy home in which fruit grows profusely (those are bananas growing in our client’s family room in the cold,

This invention uses blow molding technology to create a self contained Clean Water Mop Bucket System. There would be three separate water compartments, Clean, Semi Clean and Dirty (see Figure 1).

This lounger combines a chair and umbrella all in one space saving design. It provides protection from the sun and reduces glare when trying to read or use an electronic device. This design is ideal for community or hotel pools, health clubs, backyards, anywhere space is an issue.

Are you tired of eating cold dishes? Do you keep waiting for a long time until your stomach aches because of intense hunger? Nonstop gasoline price hike? So here’s a new tool to keep your life easy and hot! Introducing “Cook - E,

Project Overview:
The goal of this project is to duplicate the generating power of a hydro power dam immersed totally underwater. This would work by using the pressure depth to deliver the pressure head for the turbines.

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