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How would you like to walk on AIR literally? With magnets, you CAN! This shoe will be the best shoe ever made! Positioning magnets on the bottom of a shoe facing opposite each other will create,of course, AIR in the middle, which is what you will be WALKING on. The benefits include: better balance, joint and knee protection, and helps your back involving the gravitational pull on disks and any joint that has to do with walking.

This idea will be sold to Wal-Mart, Target, Academy, Foot Locker, and many more.

Innovation: The shoe itself. You will be walking on the negative energy from the magnets which will HELP YOUR ...

The Mate Finder pendant flashes an LED when it's near another Mate Finder, but only if it is a “mate.” In a single’s bar, the pendant is used as a kind of “Zodiac Finder,” where singles can find a potential mate based on zodiac compatibility.

As a Zodiac Finder, each pendant sends an IR message based on its zodiac sign. It also receives IR messages from any other pendant. When it receives an IR message, it checks to see if the message is from a pendant of a compatible sign. If it is, it starts to light its LED. If the pendant has received a message from an incompatible sign, it ignores the message and continues sending its message. ...

Using robots to reduce injuries and lighten the human work load has always been a noble goal. My proposition would create a robot called Mayde that would remove and replace the sheets on a bed. Currently many workers do this back breaking task in large institutional settings like hospitals, hotels, nursing homes and cruise ships. At the moment there is no dedicated machine to handle this task and workers are often injured by the awkward lifting required to perform this function. I believe the robotic components are presently available to make this product a reality. Mayde would not replace the workers doing this task but make the task less cumbersome and prevent injury which would reduce sick days/health costs ...

I have the pleasure to present a system that I developed and named "Mobile Terminal Ultrasonic Remote Control."

The mobile phone is used as remote management of devices (lights, doors) and access facilities through ultrasound waves.

The mobile must have only a program which emits control signals through ultrasound waves without altering the physical characteristics thereof.

These signals are sent through the speaker used to listen to music.

The prototype receiver uses simple components, starting with the microphone, which is ...

We all know about the polarized sunglasses, and about the theoretical-full-darkness using Malus's law with two polarizers. We want to put it to use in the simplest way:

We add another layer to the polarized sunglasses that we use. This layer is a polarizer as well, and it is adjustable - it can be rotated around the axis normal to the lens; so that the user can choose what level of attenuation the glasses will supply. The user can rotate it so that both lens are parallel, for regular daywalk, or so that they are perpendicular in case he is driving against the ...


Stress, back pain, headache, neck, joints, varicose veins, constipation, obecity, fatigue, bad posture, bending and arthritis are just some problems caused by spending so much time seated in the same position at work.

The objective of the multipositional working unit is increasing the quality of life in the short and long term for the user at the moment of working at a conventional office, where the user spend much time seated. This is achieved by providing different positions for their jobs. With this, the problems derived by a bad posture will decrease fatigue. On the other side, it will benefit the businesses in productive employees and, so, better results for the companies.

The innovation of the multipositional working unit ...

Imagine yourself running frantically to catch that early morning flight, weaving and winding through other travelers as your luggage follows your every move. You made it, just as the flight attendant was closing the gate. Luckily you choose to purchase Novo Luggage, with its patent pending omni-directional motion capabilities, it didn’t tip over or get caught on your heel during that mad dash to the flight gate, like all other wheeled luggage currently on the market. Even more noticeable then its maneuvering capabilities are Novo’s custom color designs that you chose to personalize your travelling style.

Novo Luggage is a product that utilizes numerous patent pending technologies that will allow it to be the first and only bag in ...

Main advantages of dual battery charger in mobile are:

The dual battery mobile charging unit in mobile phones is very useful for the customers to continue using mobile phones when the main battery goes down due to low battery.

Avoiding uninterrupted power supply from the battery will ensure customers to keep using mobile phone.

No need to carry the mobile charging device while travelling

Pen drive is very light weight, easy to carry in pocket and also to operate

Low cost device and it can be charged easily by fixing it onto a ...

Correlating recorded sounds that plants make when treated with a specific stressor (hot, cold, wet , dry, etc.) we can listen in while increasing our understanding of their physiology and resilience. The end product will be a small device to attach to your favorite plants to hear audible sounds that relate to its growth and respiration. You will be able to experiment which plants are more “talkative” and what kinds of things make them “talk.” Using our plant guide you can learn the sound a specific species might make when it is thirsty or too cold.

Starting with the giant Saguaro cactus, as a mature plant it retains several tons of water. We will record, analyze and correlate the ...

We have a new mechanical and electronic design approach to bring large-format touch computing and home touch tables within reach of ordinary developers and consumers. Our development of Playsurface started by assembling the best open-source optical touch table plans available, and we intend to create a hackable, multi-use, blazingly fast touch computing platform for gaming, music, browsing, device control, and other applications. The goal is to enable cutting-edge performance at a price point that makes buying a touch table similar to many consumer home computer purchases.


Playsurface addresses touch table design from both mechanical and electronic design trajectories, and includes:

- A new, application-specific closed-loop digital image processing module to provide touch detection and tracking functions apart from ...

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