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How would you like to walk on AIR literally? With magnets, you CAN! This shoe will be the best shoe ever made! Positioning magnets on the bottom of a shoe facing opposite each other will create,of course, AIR in the middle, which is what you will be WALKING on.

The Mate Finder pendant flashes an LED when it's near another Mate Finder, but only if it is a “mate.” In a single’s bar, the pendant is used as a kind of “Zodiac Finder,” where singles can find a potential mate based on zodiac compatibility.

As a Zodiac Finder,

Using robots to reduce injuries and lighten the human work load has always been a noble goal. My proposition would create a robot called Mayde that would remove and replace the sheets on a bed. Currently many workers do this back breaking task in large institutional settings like hospitals,

I have the pleasure to present a system that I developed and named "Mobile Terminal Ultrasonic Remote Control."

The mobile phone is used as remote management of devices (lights, doors) and access facilities through ultrasound waves.

We all know about the polarized sunglasses, and about the theoretical-full-darkness using Malus's law with two polarizers. We want to put it to use in the simplest way:

We add another layer to the polarized sunglasses that we use. This layer is a polarizer as well,


Stress, back pain, headache, neck, joints, varicose veins, constipation, obecity, fatigue, bad posture, bending and arthritis are just some problems caused by spending so much time seated in the same position at work.

Imagine yourself running frantically to catch that early morning flight, weaving and winding through other travelers as your luggage follows your every move. You made it, just as the flight attendant was closing the gate. Luckily you choose to purchase Novo Luggage,

Main advantages of dual battery charger in mobile are:

The dual battery mobile charging unit in mobile phones is very useful for the customers to continue using mobile phones when the main battery goes down due to low battery.

Correlating recorded sounds that plants make when treated with a specific stressor (hot, cold, wet , dry, etc.) we can listen in while increasing our understanding of their physiology and resilience.

We have a new mechanical and electronic design approach to bring large-format touch computing and home touch tables within reach of ordinary developers and consumers. Our development of Playsurface started by assembling the best open-source optical touch table plans available, and we intend to create a hackable,

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