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The present invention provides a pin & clamp style tool holder mountable on a lathe or other machine tool for supporting a cutting plate relative to a work piece for cutting or shaping the work piece.

The Challenge

To develop a system for detecting the presence of weevil in mango trees in order to protect them from weevil infestation as well as to medicate them at the earliest.

Behind petroleum, coffee is the second most traded product in the world. The consumption per year is about 1.3 kilograms per person. 45% of Americans over the age of 18 drink coffee every day. There is a reason behind these statistics, and it’s simply that people love coffee.

This device allows the replacement of vacuum tubes with a solid-state device. The user still gets the "tube" sound that has had a resurgence in the last few years.

As a consequence of the replacement, energy used for lighting the filament is saved,

Soshowise.com is a marketplace for face to face expert advice on just about any subject. Soshowise is like YouTube, except every video producer is an expert in a topic, and they can charge people for live video consultations.

BabyDot™ is a simple label that changes color when breast milk spoilage is expected to occur.

Moms want to keep the food that they give their babies safe. Breast milk only lasts for about 6 days in the regrigerator and only 6 hours at room temperature. Before BabyDot™,

The Spot Metal Detector is a metal detecting system designed to scan and indicate the location of underground metal objects with a marking fluid or paint. The device vastly improves the abilities to scan large areas for metal objects accurately and safely from a remote location.

With plastic pollution becoming an increasingly growing threat, with the Great Pacific Garbage Patch or drinkable water pollution, the need to revise our consumer habits is needed. By using glass bottles instead of plastic bottles, the use of plastic would be greatly reduced.

When using devices with cords or wires, many times there is a need to temporarily attach the wire to something. Devices such as MP3 players, mobile phones and other electronic applications have earphones or hands free devices where the wiring can get entangled or in the way.

In the current context of everyday electronic devices such as smartphones or tablets, we encounter the problem of insufficient duration of the battery for extended use of the device due to current urban man is more dependent on electronic communications such as checking e-mail, bills, currency, leisure,

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