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Concept is similar to that of air conditioner, which along with the basic function of heating and cooling also dehumidifies the air. My product will also dehumidify the air.

It will bring down the moisture level of the respective place where it is sprayed with no addition of latent heat nor extraction.

It is very clear that if we talk even about the current date weather is full of moisture /humidity. Which makes the weather very sticky and people face problems of skin due to the high moisture , their skin becomes oily and that is sure not their comfort condition , the problem of summers is not warm climate but the humid climate.

My product is answer to ...

During years of experimenting with 3D photography I discovered that 2 full color photos are not necessary to gain a full color 3D photo.

One photo in color, the other in black and white. Combining the two result in a full color 3D image.

The additional benefit gained is a 3D color combination with more natural colors. Many of the colors are oversaturated, but with B/W added the colors are more subdued and therefore more natural.

For CCDs and similar, only one needs to be a color chip, the other will have only a b&w sensor. This combination should also sharpen the 3D ...

The advent of digital cameras have rendered many fine, quality film based 35 m/m cameras obsolete. Many consumers and photographers still own these film based cameras and would desire to continue using them

The digital camera adapter is an innovative opto-electronic consumer product device that replaces film and can be inserted into conventional film based 35 m/m camera allowing the camera to capture and store images in a digital rather than film based format. The market for a device that allows a standard 35 m/m camera to capture images in digital format could be huge. Purchasing such a device would be a cost effective way to preserve and elongate the life of these fine legacy 35m/m cameras.

The device ...

To answer a door bell, one has to hear the sound. If hearing is a challenge, one could rely on the vision sense to know that somebody is at the door.

The following deign provides a solution that would require little modification to the existing bell system to make it work for both senses: hearing and seeing.

A circuit switch will allow one to alternate between the 2 modes. Electric wiring was attached in paralell to the existing wires. A low voltage light bulb (12-16 Volts) was attached to the circuit.

The whole operation to modify the existing bell system would take close to 15 minutes to complete. The total cost is less than $5.0 (including ...

Your car is your second largest investment. According to Consumer Reports, 68% of car owners research recommendations before authorizing work, 56% wish they had more information going into the shop, and 46% of them negotiate the price of work. But ultimately, 73% of car owners authorize whatever work the shop recommends. Why? Because consumers don’t have the information or the expert advice they need. 

Do you dream to have a trusted auto mechanic who can check your car automatically, in real time or on demand 24/7? When problems are diagnosed, would you like to have the expert’s advice on service needs, estimated cost, shop selection and local service discount information? This is why JD Power found 55% car owners ...

We are a team of Bolivian enterpreneurs. One of our goals is the enterpreneurship by using the “doing business” mindset and through this project decide if the use of technology is viable.

We are building a platform that will enable local restaurants or food businesses to join for free and provide new services:

The restaurants are essentially retail food companies prepared for the most part, restaurants have business models that are relatively easy to understand and value chain of each of them is the same as that of an industrial standard. However, there are some unique factors to consider when making investment decisions with respect to this great industry and segmented.

Competition among restaurants is fierce, as the ...

Our earplug simply keeps water from coming in contact with the ear canal and eardrum; it does not keep the water and pressure out of the ear canal. The ear canal and eardrum are at the same pressure as the external water pressure plus the pressure needed to dilate the diaphragm, virtually the same as if you were not wearing any ear protection and far less than a conventional swimmers earplug used 1' below the waters surface.

There are presently no earplugs made for swimming that will not cause damage to the eardrum when used below the surface of the water. How deep before damage occurs is a matter for conjecture, individuals with ear problems are going to be ...

EggXellent Passenger Compartment

All the safety features built into vehicles don’t change the fact that people die in auto accidents.

Nature tries to show that an object in motion tends to remain in motion, and the passengers are throw from the car, mostly through the windshield. We fight this law by belting our passengers in, thereby causing a whiplash injury, or worse, trapping them in the crushed and burning vehicle.

Two things need to be done to reduce the fatality in future collisions.

We should have the fuel container seal itself and eject from the vehicle upon impact. This would remove the greatest danger to the passengers. This can be accomplished either mechanically or electronically, but when the vehicle ...

Have you come across those annoying small insect-like flies? They will attack you when you are least expecting. They bring germs and virus to us. They are dangerous to our health. The only sure way to control them is to apply pesticides. The drawback is that these pesticides can damage our environment. Now here comes the savior, the state of art insect repellent. This electronic insect repelling machine uses many technologies from our space applications.

This state of art insect repellent has three basic components. The first one is a sensor/camera. When insects fly around the perimeter, the sensor will captures the image of small flying organism such as insects. The second unit is a signal-processing unit. The heart of ...

If people are in a place without possibility to recharge mobile phone battery, this mechanical charger can help. The charger is built into a pencil. It consists of linear alternator, rectifier, capacitor, constant current source and LED. It can be used as pocked lamp if LED is switched on. The linear alternator is shown in figure 1. The other parts are common so there is no need to describe them.

Fig. 1

Stator is made of coils 1 in magnetic circuits 2 , moving part
consists of permanent magnets with pole extensions.

The moving part is connected by spring to push button. Second spring returns the button back to starting position. If the button is periodically pressed, magnets of moving ...

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