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For a long period of time we have been using the same technologies for bathrooms but over time we have changed a lot in terms of electronic gadgets. So I have designed a new technology for bathrooms which I have named "Futuristic Electrified Bathrooms.

Gas and electric cooktops should have automatic shut-off timers on them such as microwave ovens have. Think of all the increased safety with automatic shut-off features. No more ruined meals, houses and apartment kitchen fires, ruined pots and pans, etc.

Almost all producers of drinks, perfumes and other various liquids packed into bottles, flacons, etc. take great care about the design of the exterior view. Otherwise it’s difficult or impossible to sell products in the modern market.

To improve looks and give designers new opportunities,

Forgetting an infant in a vehicle is a dangerous situation that has led to numerous infant deaths. A Pulitzer Prize winning article [Gene Weingarten, 2009 Washington Post] captures the heart of this devastating situation. Studies have shown that all parents have risk of forgetting a child regardless of education,

In today´s mobile world, we rely more and more on smart phones, portable music players and tablets as tools in communication and entertainment. These devices run our daily lives but with this technology developing so rapidly one issue is often overlooked, battery-life and recharging.

This invention will present 3D displays without the need for special glasses. It will permit an observer to move about and see different views.

This device makes extensive use of holographic optical elements.

I propose to add hyperlinks to video content giving access to additional information about objects visible on the video frame. Hyperlinks and shape of active areas can be placed in auxiliary data of transport stream.

Countries and places in the tropics have exceedingly hot and humid nights [1], especially during the summer months.

Trying to sleep in these conditions using only a fan is difficult and the problem gets worse if there is no power to run them.

This device allows consumers to control the infestation of potentially dangerous insects in areas such as barns,storage buildings,hunting/fishing camps and blinds,boats,power and communications control stations and anywhere spiders, wasps etc. may congregate.Serpent and rodent repellant materials could also be deployed.

This product will automate the process of making formula milk. It is a multiple purpose machine that contains a warming device to warm the feeder, mix the dry milk and water in proper proportion automatically and deliver the prepared milk to the feeder.

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